Do new sci-fi movies rely on cgi?

Oh definately. It's annoying as hell. Though I'd argue every film these days seem to rely WAY too much on sci fi. But yeah, cgi has taken over sci fi - I don't think we'll ever get stuff like the practical effects of The Thing or Star Wars or anything like that again.
Hollywood can't seem to come up with new plots in any genre, so it's no surprise that CGI has been the crutch for most new SF films.
Definately. Normally I'd just call you cynical, but I think when the new The Thing comes out as a prequel not remake, and yet it has the same title as the original because they just couldn't think of a good alternate title, then Holly wood has officially got really lazy.
I mean come on, not even "The Thing 2"? Seriously Hollywood?
They always remake films and make it full of tricky CGI rather than trying to keep the film true to the original. It annoys me.
Transformers 3 is a great example of overuse of CGI to dazzle us, it only bored me to death along with the severely bad acting.

They are trying to push their toy products too hard. Argh............
Well to give Bay a LITTLE credit, the live action films are the least Transformers has ever crammed their toy products down our throats. Mostly because they're barely fecking in the films. But yes, there is way too much CGI in them - even excluding the robots!