Doctor Who series one finish tonight (UK)


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well, it's over till xmas time when a special is on, prior to the airing of series two

we finally find out the identity of the Big Bad Wolf, i suppose that part of the storyline was acceptable (and not predictable!) although the reasoning behind it is absolutely fine and something i hadn't figured on. i read one of the Tom Baker series of books within the last year or so about an assistant he took on that ended up turning into a vampiress and the doctor losing control of her, so i am not utterly surprised to find out that his current assistant, who has given him nothing but trouble this series, turned out to be the one we've been waiting to find out about. as she says, the graffiti, the mention in each series wherever she goes, the Big Bad Wolf comments link her time and the future and it's her obviously!

i read something about the kiss between the doctor and the US captain. when this was shown my parents looked at each other funny, but you have to face facts here in relation to alien physiology and sexes. it's not the fact the captain was bisexual, but more the doctor can't be said to be wholly male in a human sort of way.

the captains resurrection stuck out like a sore thumb, although his stranding in that time era was fine. the leader of earth stations last defence against the daleks has a lot going for him as the dust settles!!

i suppose our new doctor might be acceptable too, when he first showed his face my initial thoughts were, "oh my god! the new doctor is straight out of a boy band" but it's not that bad after all.

the long wait till it airs again is upon us, but with series 2 looking solid and series 3 okayed for production, he BBC's cutting of scifi programming budget apart from Doctor Who series means we have a few years left to go.


I have to say I took it as a given the other week that the bad guys we encountered where in fact bad wolf and I was pleasently surprised when it turns out to be someone else entirely. Being the big cry baby that I am I have to say when the Dr turned and said "I think you need a doctor" and kissed her I was in tears it was so sad. I wasn't surprised that the Captain was left behind I feel that we will be seeing him again though. I thought Rose's mum and Mickie where so sweet helping her with the tardis I didn't think they would, but if rumours are true I think we'll be seeing more of Mickie next season.

As for the new Dr. I didn't want to like him if I'm honest I love Chris Eccleston in the role and it was sad to see him leave I feel the new Dr's going to have some very large shoes to fill over the course of the next special/season and I agree he looks like a boy band member but he may start to grow on me.

Did you know that the whole of season one is due out in november as a box set it comes in a box shaped like a tardis heres the link to amazon :)