Does my movie blow?


Hey guys,
As sci-fi fans yourselves I was curious what you'd think of the story I wrote for my film. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially from other people interested in the same genre I am. It's free to watch on Amazon Prime right now if you have that (link below). It's also on Google Play and Youtube.

EARTHRISE synopsis:
99% of the human race has colonized on Mars. The remaining few work to rehabilitate our dying planet. Each year a small number are selected to return home to aid in the process. For those few, it will be their first glimpse of Earth. We follow them on their journey in this sci-fi psychological thriller.
Go home. For the first time.

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Randal R.

An interesting concept....
Go home for the first time.

I recently had the notion of a concept....
-- Civilization under human control ,from a historically looking standpoint
at some future point,
-- cannot succeed,will not succeed.
Humans have only had civilization for a relative short time...and none have stood
for very long...some "Dynasty's" and "Monarchy's" have,but they all have fell to ruin.
And the more progressive the civilization,the bigger and harder the fall.
Be interesting to see/think of what human civilization's will come and go
before humans go extinct.

Am not sure what it is the film may entail that your making, but ideas and concepts can sprout
all kinds of ideas,scenarios.concepts,art,music etc.
It definitely peaks my interest... :D

Randal R.