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With summer fast approaching it means of new crop of TV pilots is underway for the Fall 2009 TV season. Personally I would much rather see Eli Stone come back instead of making room for some of these. :(

Below are some shows that *might* make it to the air this year...

Flash Forward For 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the entire world population blacks out and has mysterious visions of their future. They wake up to chaos. An FBI agent desperately attempts to figure out why this has happened and to stop a future he can't bear to face. Based on the novel by Robert J. Sawyer, Flash Forward comes from executive producers David Goyer and Brannon Braga, the creators of the short-lived Threshold, and stars Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger, John Cho, Christine Woods, Courtney Vance, Brian O'Byrne, Jack Davenport, Payton List and Zachary Knighton.

Eastwick This dramedy mixes Desperate Housewives with a little devilish fun when three modern-day women discover they have magical powers. Based on John Updike's novel and the 1987 film The Witches of Eastwick, Eastwick was written by Maggie Friedman (Jack & Bobby) and directed by the amazing David Nutter, who has helmed an astonishing number of pilots that made it to series. It stars Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, Sara Rue and Veronica Cartwright.

V Alien visitors come to Earth with promises of peace and technological advancements. Unfortunately, they are liars. And that's one of their better qualities. When a human agent discovers that the visitors have sinister motives, she joins the growing human resistance movement. Based on the 1983 miniseries V. This re-imaging comes from Scott Peters, the creator of The 4400, and stars Firefly's Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, Elizabeth Mitchell, 4400's Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut and Smallville's Laura Vandervoort.

Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas A 13-year-old girl named Gwen discovers a magical atlas that unlocks a fantastical world of adventure and magic that exists right beside our own, leading to amazing and sometimes terrifying adventures. Captain Cook's Extraordinary Atlas comes from writer Tom Wheeler and was directed by Emmy winner Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing). Jodelle Ferland takes on the role of Gwen, with West Wing's Janel Moloney and Patrick Breen playing her parents.

No Heroics Based on the British series, this sitcom explores the lives of a group of superheroes who aren't so super. These less-than-formidable, not-so-heroic heroes like to hang out at a bar. No Heroics stars Freddie Prinze Jr., Arielle Kebbel, Paul Campbell and Eliza Coupe.

Day One After a "global event" devastates the Earth's infrastructures, a group of survivors attempts to rebuild society and figure out what happened.Heroes' Jesse Alexander wrote the pilot, which was directed by Alex Graves (Fringe). Day One stars Julie Gonzalo, David Lyons, Carly Pope, Adam Campbell, Thekla Reuten, Derek Mio, Addison Timlin and Catherine Dent.

Vampire Diaries High school girl Elena falls for a 200-year-old vampire named Stefan and becomes caught between Stefan and his brother, Damon, as they struggle to claim her soul. Based on the novel series by L.J. Smith. Vampire Diaries comes from writers Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek) and Julie Plec (Kyle XY). Nina Dobrev plays Elena, with Paul Wesley taking on the role of Stefan and Lost's Ian Somerhalder playing Damon.

Human Target Christopher Chance offers a special security service: He hires himself out to people in danger and assumes their identities, becoming a human target. Based on the DC Comic, Human Target comes from new writer Jon Steinberg, executive producer McG (Chuck, Supernatural) and director Simon West. Mark Valley (Fringe) takes on the lead role, with Chi McBride and Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley also cast.

Masterwork This globe-hopping National Treasure-meets-The Da Vinci Code—with a bit of The Librarian tossed in—lumps an FBI agent and an MI5 agent together for a mission in a race to recover the world's most cherished artwork and artifacts. From creator Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). Masterwork stars Matt Passmore, Scott Porter (pictured above), Natalie Dormer and Tom Ellis.

Eva Adams When a chauvinistic womanizing sports agent crosses a witch, she casts a spell and transforms him into a woman so he can suffer the same type of harassment he's been doling out. Based on the Argentinean telenovela Lalola. Eva Adams was written by The West Wing's Kevin Falls and stars Rhea Seehorn (pictured) in the title role. The cast includes James Van Der Beek, David Denman, Kat Foster, Steve Harris and Alex Borstein.

Virtuality When the Earth's first starship, the Phaeton, heads off on a journey to explore a distant solar system, the people on board have to do something. Luckily they've got virtuality, which means the ability to embrace the limitless possibilities of a virtual-reality world. From creators Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica, pictured). Peter Berg directed the two-hour pilot. The cast includes New Amsterdam's Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, James D'Arcy, Jimmi Simpson, Joy Bryant, Kerry Bishe, Nelson Lee, Omar Metwally, Richie Coster and Sienna Guillory.

Untitled Reincarnation Project Why hasn't anyone thought of this one before? A group of past-life investigators attempt to solve their client's present mysteries by digging into their past lives. Created by David Hudgins (Friday Night Lights). The pilot stars Kelli Giddish (pictured), Nick Bishop, Ravi Patel and Richard Schiff.
I've seen a load of episodes of No Heroics. It was shown on the UK channel: ITV and I caught it on the catchup player on their website. Very adult programming so don't expect it to be for everybody! Very low budget.
I've seen a load of episodes of No Heroics. It was shown on the UK channel: ITV and I caught it on the catchup player on their website. Very adult programming so don't expect it to be for everybody! Very low budget.
We'll be getting a remake, not the original version you get to see. :eek:
human target sounds interesting.
When I read the description of it, I just can't see how it could sustain a full season of story lines. Never mind the fact that if somebody is targeted to be killed, won't most killers know what their target looks like?
Day One on NBC has been picked up.

Entertainment Weekly said:
From executive producer/writer Jesse Alexander (Heroes, Lost, Alias) and director Alex Graves (Fringe, Journeyman), Day One tells the story of life on earth following a global catastrophe that has devastated the world's infrastructures. Beginning with the immediate aftermath of the cataclysmic event, an eclectic band of survivors -- played by Adam Campbell (Date Movie), Catherine Dent (The Shield), Julie Gonzalo (Eli Stone), David Lyons (ER), Derek Mio (Greek), Carly Pope (24), Thekla Reuten (Sleeper Cell) and Addison Timlin (Cashmere Mafia) -- strives to rebuild society as they unravel the mysteries of what happened and face their uncertain future. The group, all residents of one apartment building in suburban Van Nuys, Calif., embarks on a quest for survival and discovers that hope is found in small victories -- and heroes are born every day. (Watch a clip here.)
Fringe on Fox has been renewed for the new season... :cool:
Entertainment Weekly said:
Fox's sci-fi series Fringe has been renewed for a second season. The show, which is the number one new program among viewers 18-49, will air its season finale on May 12 with guest-star Leonard Nimoy.
... while Life on NBC, one of my "Must See" shows this year, has been canceled. :banghead:
they all look interesting even though i cant see a remake of V being as good (or bad) as the original. it may have been cheesy in a lot of ways but it was good for the time
Wasn't that the premise for the now-defunct show Jericho?
I *think* the premise of Day One is that the event that nearly wipes us out is unknown while in Jericho it was nuclear missiles and Jeremiah had a mysterious disease that killed everybody over 30.

While I'm all for new genre related shows, I don't think Day One will have a long life span.
I think Virtuality is going to be sweet, they're showing it as a 2 hour "movie event" at 8 on Fox tomorrow and Ron Moore is saying that he hopes it gets picked up for series like Battlestar Gallactica did. They're some clips of it here:
After reviewing what's being offered this fall, my wife and I are pretty satisfied with the genre-oriented offerings. Our tastes tend towards the more character-oriented programs set in fantastical settings rather than hardcore science fiction. We'll be watching Lost, Heroes, Flash Forward, Legend Of The Seeker, Fringe, Dollhouse, Smallville, Medium, and Stargate Universe (as well as many non-genre-oriented programs).
V has been moved up, from "sometime in 2010" to Tuesday, November 3, taking Shark Tank's slot after it ends its run in October.