FBI suddenly evacuates space observatory and refuses to say why sending conspiracy theorists into a frenzy


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(Article by Abe Hawken at The Sun)

THE FBI mysteriously evacuated a space observatory and has refused to say why – with some conspiracy theorists speculating that a UFO was spotted.

Staff members at the world-famous site in Sunspot, New Mexico, were told to immediately leave the building last week.


The National Solar Observatory in New Mexico, US, has been closed for one week.

It is still on lockdown and surrounded by yellow tape and the National Solar Observatory “thanked” people for their patience while it remains closed after a “security issue”.

Conspiracy theorists are continuing to suggest that employees may have seen extra-terrestrial life while they were capturing live footage of the sun.

A selection of YouTube channels have suggested that staff accidentally spotted something they shouldn’t have, such as an alien craft.

This has led some theorists to say that the FBI would have swiftly moved in on the centre to remove any evidence.

The National Solar Observatory said on Twitter yesterday: “Thank you for your patience while the closure at Sunspot Observatory is resolved.

“Our other facilities are open and NSO is operating as normal.

“@AURADC – our management org – is addressing a security issue at Sunspot and has temporarily vacated the facility as a precaution.”
A "security issue?” My first thoughts were of, Howard the duck where the aliens were using some kind of beam to invade. It's been a while since I've seen it but that's the general idea.

Then I thought, "There's been an incident on Praxis" but that won't happen for a couple hundred years yet.

I don't know a lot about the various chemicals / methods used for some observations but closed for a week sounds like some kind of contamination to me.
lets play conspiracy.
suppose the folks at the solar observatory received contact. or observed something major major.
suppose the evil gummint wanted to silence / discredit them.
'child porn'.
or have I watched too many X-Files?
I thought of that one too but didn't want to be selfish and use all of the better known examples.

Kurtzweil: "What is it this time? Kiddie porn?"

Cigarette Smoking Man: There are complications. (he looks at the surveillance video and WMM looks as well) Mulder saw one of the infected bodies that we destroyed in Dallas. He's gone back there again. Someone has tipped him.
Well-Manicured Man: Who?
Cigarette Smoking Man: Kurtzweil we think.
Well-Manicured Man: No one believes Kurztweil or his books. He's a toiler, a crank.
First Elder: Mulder believes.
Cigarette Smoking Man: Then Kurtzweil must be removed.
Strughold: As must Mulder.
Well-Manicured Man: Kill Mulder, we take the risk of turning one man's quest into a crusade.
Strughold: Then you must take away what he holds most valuable. That with which he can't live without. (Cuts to show Scully)

X-Files is my all time favorite sci-fi series.