1. Trubel

    Hello People

    Hi, just found this forum. Big fan of sci-fi and horror. I love Star Trek TOS, Grimm, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
  2. Nightflyers

    Sci-Fi Nightflyers

    Title: Nightflyers Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Jeff Buhler Cast: Brían F. O'Byrne, Maya Eshet, Jodie Turner-Smith, Eoin Macken, Angus Sampson, Sam Strike, David Ajala, Gretchen Mol First aired: 2018-12-02 Overview: In the year 2093, a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer...
  3. Xiggy

    Conspiracy How Denver Airport became conspiracy hub with claims of alien meetings in tunnels & artwork that predicts apocalypse

    (Article by Danielle Cinone at The Sun) THIS is how Denver International Airport became a conspiracy hub with claims of alien meetings in tunnels and artwork that predicts the apocalypse. According to Fly Denver, rumors and theories have swirled around the international airport in Denver...
  4. A

    this is amazing! hear it from the man himself. INTENSE UFO ENCOUNTER told from this ex military pilot.

    the title of this video is: ex-military man shares experience with highly advanced ORB - SPECIES aka UFO's
  5. A


    the title of this video is: ex-military man shares experience with highly advanced ORB - SPECIES aka UFO's
  6. Quincy Kelley

    Horror Fictional sequel: Not Like Us

    It was supposed to be a quiet night in a small town in the Mountain West, but there was a small cabin where a mysterious and suspicious activity was taking place....
  7. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Coca-Cola: Supermom versus The Aliens

    So, apparently back in 1998 Coca-Cola had a few animated commercials created using a superhero named Supermom. One of them was against invading aliens. :alien: I'm kind of surprised that I don't remember this ad campaign at all let alone one involving aliens. Anybody ever recall seeing these...
  8. Occupation: Rainfall (2021)

    Sci-Fi Occupation: Rainfall (2021)

    Title: Occupation: Rainfall Tagline: Take a stand. Genre: Science Fiction, Action Director: Luke Sparke Cast: Dan Ewing, Jet Tranter, Temuera Morrison, Ken Jeong, Jason Isaacs, Daniel Gillies, Lawrence Makoare, Dena Kaplan, Vince Colosimo, Katrina Risteska, Erin Connor, Trystan Go...
  9. luxefaire

    Water Is The Original Alien Soup

    The Characteristics of Water Water is formed of three elemental particles, or atoms, two of hydrogen and one of oxygen, expressed H2O, which is one of the simplest of all compounds. The three atoms are held together by two chemical bonds, thus H-O-H. Hydrogen is first of the elements with one...
  10. Eruva007

    Jesus is an Alien. Lets talk about it.

    The paranormal has always been around me. I used to live in a haunted house, I've worked at a haunted store and I've even experienced a few unexplainable events throughout my life that felt where out of the ordinary enough to question what exactly it is that is out their? It was the consistency...
  11. P

    For Sale New Fantasy/Sci-fi Shop

    Hello everyone! My name is Nick owner of PolymorphClub a new shop on etsy featuring fantasy and sci-fi designs. Sadly with Covid-19 many designs of my products have been delayed so i haven't been able to list them yet but they will be available early next week! Thank you for checking it out and...
  12. screenersam

    Screen Rant; 10 Scariest Alien Monsters I'd never heard of half of them.
  13. DivingFaces

    Sci-Fi [Lego Ideas] Flying Saucer - (UFO)

    Firstly, I hope you don't mind me posting this! It is my version of the classic Flying Saucer which I have built and submitted to Lego Ideas. The Flying Saucer piloted by the Greys - Luckily it didn't crash this time! Ready to explore the far reaches of space (and Earth now and again!)...
  14. T

    Must read!

    You need to have a look at this book. Its the weirdest thing I've ever come across. Its claims to be about the near future, but only partially true as its also conjures up an entire vision of the universe, with aliens, AIs and many other sick stuff which also seems kind of plausible. Free to...
  15. B

    TV 2019 Sci fi web series ACCIDENT EP9 first post here hope you guys like it!
  16. B


    Hi guys and Girls! Im Sharing some of my sci fi work through my channel. Subscribe if you will, I will be adding Stuff regularly, from movies to stories All Original Content! hope you enjoy, help me build my channel ! Peace!
  17. Xiggy

    NASA Deepens Search For Alien ‘Technosignatures’

    (Article by Ryan Mallett Outtrim at The Inquisitr News) NASA has a new approach to hunting aliens, and it involves scouring the stars for evidence of advanced technology. In the past, NASA has focused its search for alien life on hunting for signs of biological activity. Now, they’ve got a...
  18. C

    Newbie with a Gift xD!

    Hi Friends! I came here to mingle with sci fi freaks out there.i got a gift for you all xD! Check this out : Waiting for your comments friends😉
  19. Xiggy

    Mars Curiosity Rover Snaps Pic That Looks Like A Bottle, UFO Watcher Says It’s ‘Ancient Alien Culture’

    (Article by Aaron Homer at The Inquisitr News) The Mars Curiosity rover has snapped a picture that a “UFO hunter” claims is a bottle, and thus, evidence of an ancient alien civilization on the Red Planet. As The Express reports, Scott C. Waring styles himself a “UFO hunter,” and he spends...
  20. The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    Promo art for the 1996 movie, The Arrival, with Charlie Sheen.