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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by vavavavartan, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Songs are by by Avril Lavigne-Losing Grip, BBMak-Still On Your Side, O-Town-Every Six Seconds, Taking Care of Business
    Song starts and Vaughn and Sydney are at a cafe in Aruba having an argument.
    >Are you aware of what you make me feel? Sydney says to Vaughn,"Vaughn. I didn't mean it like that. You know that I..."
    Vaughn asks,"You what Syd? Honestly you have changed. I used to think that you loved me."
    > You used to love me you used to hug me, but that wasn't the case. Here's what I have to say... I was left to cry there waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare. That's when I decided, why sould I care? You weren't there when I was scared, I was so alone. You, you need to listen... I'm starting to trip and I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone. Sydney asks,"Don't I still?"
    Vaughn says,"You sure don't act like it. I don't know."
    Sydney says,"What's that supposed to mean? I do love you. The real question is do you love me?"
    Vaughn replies," Of course I do. I have loved you since the first day I layed eyes on you... you know that."
    Sydney smiles and says,"Well, I guess it's settled, we love each other."
    Vaughn snaps,"Why do you act like that this is some case that just got settled? These are true feelings and emotions, you play around with them. If you feel that way we probably shouldn't be using these emotions."
    Sydney says,"Vaughn. I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was that I'm happy we are together. I don't want to keep fighting about these feelings, we had to in the beginning and now we souldn't have to again."
    Vaughn says,"Sorry. I'm working with little sleep and I feel the same. I love you."
    Sydney says,"It's ok. I love you too. A half an hour has gone by, i'm so glad we get to be together."
    >I'm still on your side. I will stand up for you no matter what you're going through. You find a place where you belong, new friends that can do you no wrong, that's what you believe. You want to run, you want to break free... but what you want ain't what you need, can you see that I care?
    Vaughn says with a grin,"Wouldn't it be nice to get out of here and have some fun?"
    Sdyney smiles and says,"That would fun."
    Vaughn says,"You know we could..."
    Sydney says,"Yes. I'd love too."
    > Every six seconds my body starts begging, you sweet thing is wrecking me until you give me some. 10 times a minute 100 times an hour until you give me some.
    Sydney and Vaughn leave the cafe and go back to the hotel. Jack calls the next day.
    Jack asks,"Why didn't you call last night? You missed your flight to Aruba."
    Sydney grins and says,"No I didn't. I'm in Aruba. I was at a cafe last night."
    Jack says,"With Vaughn?"
    Sydney replies,"No."
    Jacks asks with a smile,"I thought you two were supposed to be with each other the whole time?"
    Sydney says,"Oh yeah. We were.. at the cafe together."
    Jack says,"Sydney you are acting weird, what is going on?"
    Sydney says,"Nothing. So how's mom?"
    Jack asks,"What do you mean?"
    Sydney says,"Come on. I know. You have been seeing her more lately."
    Jack says,"It's strictly business like you and Vaughn."
    Sydney says,"Ok. So where is she anyway?"
    Jack replies," Back in the cell. Hold on, I just got a page fromWeiss. I have to go. Have a fun time."
    >Taking care of business, eveyrday. Taking care of business every way. Taking care of business, it's alright. Taking care of business and working overtime, work out.
    Chapter 2 Songs-Avril Lavigne-Mobile, and Shakira-Te Dejo Madrid.
    At Headquarters... Weiss meets Agent Julia Rodriguez.
    Jack asks,"What was so urgent?"
    Weiss asks,"Is Sydney alright? I mean Agent Bristow."
    Jack says,"Yes, who is this?"
    Weiss says,"This is Agent Julia Rod..."
    Julia butts in and says,"I'm Agent Julia Rodriguez. I'm 32 and have office training as well as field training. I have connection with people who know Sark and Sloane, as well as Ana Espinosa."
    Weiss whispers to Jack,"Isn't she smart?"
    Jack smiles.

    Jack goes to visit Irina in her cell. Irina looks sultry and has desire written all over her face.
    Irina says,"So? Why are you here this time? What did I do?"
    Jack says,"Nothing. I have come to get you out of this cell and into my custody to go on a mission to Zimbabwe with me to recover an artifact."
    Irina asks,"You mean the picture Rambaldi painted of what the world will look like in the year 2020?"
    Jack answers,"I thought you would know what I was talking about."
    Irina asks,"How is Sydney?"
    Jack replies,"Agent Bristow is fine."

    Back to headquarters with Julia and Weiss.
    Weiss asks,"So... how are you?"
    Julia replies,"Good. Why? Is that your idea of a pick-up line?"
    Weiss says,"Ouch. I was wondering..."
    Julia says,"What? If I'd go out with you?"
    Weiss says,"No, if you would like to go out to get something to eat?"
    Julia says,"Yeah. Sorry. I get that all the time. No one is clever these days."
    Weiss smiles and says,"Yeah. I have this friend... well you'll meet him later. I had to coach him with the love of his life. He was a total idiot. I guess he rubbed off on me. So.. how about Chinese?"
    Julia smiles and says,"I love Chinese, you seem funny, I like that."
    Weiss asks,"How about sweet and sour pork?"
    Julia says,"I love sweet and sour and lemon chicken also. We have something in common."
    Weiss and Julia leave and go to Ocean Sky. Weiss is so happy and he knows what it must have been like for Vaughn and Sydney.
    Weiss asks,"Do you have any pets?"
    Julia says,"No. I have a little brother named Moises."
    Weiss laughs and says,"That's funy. I was going to say that but I have a friend named Mike."
    Julia asks,"How old are you?"
    Weiss says,"I'm 34. I live alone and I like long walks on the beach and reading books while listening to classical."
    Julia says,"You are funy like my little brother Moises."
    Weiss says,"I have to go. Do you want a ride home?"
    Julia smiles and says,"No. I live just down the block."
    Weiss asks again,"Are you sure, it would be no trouble at all."
    Julia thanks him and they walk outside. It starts raining and Weiss gives Julia his jacket to wear as she walks home. Several days pass and Weiss and Julia haven't spoken. Sydney and Vaughn have gotten back from Aruba. Sydney is at home when she gets a page telling her she has to go to work.
    >Went back home again. This sucks goota pack up and leave again. Say good-bye to all my friends. Can't say when I'll be back agian.
    Sydney packs up and Will enters her room and they start talking.
    Will asks,"Where are you going this time? Mexico, Italy, or maybe France?"
    Sydney smiles and says,"Madrid. How's your job coming along?"
    Will smiles and says,"Good. Writing is ok. It was my hobby anyways."
    Sydney says,"If you like it so much, I'll let you do my paperwork for me."
    Will smiled and told her he didn't like it that much. Sydney told Will she had to go and left him alone at home. Will knew that Syd had to go meet Vaughn but it hurt him to much to admit it. In a way he was happy for her. Sydney left for her plane and turned on the radio and started thinking of vaughn and things of that nature.
    >Si ya es hora de esconder. Del mundo el dolor. Bajo la piel. Mas se que estare bien los gatos caen de pie. No quiero, jugar mi suerte por ti, no puedo... conV pequena vivir.
    Sydney pays attention to the road and now thinks about the mission and hears
    > Ay me voy otra vez. Ahi te dejo Madrid. Tus ruinas de piel, y tus ganas de huir. Yo no quiero combardes que me hagan sufrir. Mejor le dijo adios a tu boca de anis.
    Sydney thinks about Vaughn and pays no attention to the road and hits the car infront of her and is knocked unconscious. Vaughn tries frantically to get a hold on Sydney but she doesn't respond to his calls. She was supposed to meet him at the warehouse and who knows where she is now.

    Cahpter 3 will be back soon.
  2. SiriCerasi

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    Dec 8, 2002
    awww so sweet :love: "do you love me?"

    And I looooooooooove that Avril Lavigne song!
  3. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    I remember this...

    ~Me :angel2:
  4. turnipcouch134

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    Mar 1, 2003
    YAY!!!! Poor VaughN!
  5. vavavavartan

    vavavavartan Captain

    Dec 13, 2002
    Here's Chapter 3

    Song are-Avril Lavigne's-I'm With You, Shakira-Rules, Alicia Keys-How Come You Don't Call Me, and Mario's-I'm Just A Friend

    Julia starts talking to her new roomate Agent Pingleton.
    Julia says,"You know what I think? Weiss is nice but he hasn't called me and that annoys me."
    Pingleton says,"Ok. Well mabey he'll call."
    Julia says,"I'm going to bed. Good night."
    Julia goes to bed and listen to the radio.
    >If what we had was good, how come you don't call me? Just pick up the phone, you know I don't like to be alone.
    Julia says,"That's exactly how I feel."

    Back to Vaughn calling Sydney.
    Vaughn says frantically,"Syd. Pic up the phone. Where are you?"

    Sark has picken up Sydney and has taken her to a facility.
    Sark asks sheepishly,"Are you awake Ms. Bristow?"
    Sydney wakes up and asks," Huh? Vaughn?Where am I?"
    >I'm looking for a place searching for a face, is there anyone here I know? Cause nothing's going right, everything is a mess and no one like to be alone.
    Sydney asks,"What did you do to me?"
    Sark replies,"You don't remember do you? You ran into me with your car. I picked you up and brought you here. You should thank me."
    Sydney says,"No way in hell! Where am I?"

    Back to Headquarters. Vaughn sees Kendall talking to a woman.
    Vaughn asks,"Kendall, where is Syd.. Agent Bristow? We had to abort the mission and she hasn't called. Why aren't we looking for her? And who is that?"
    Kendall replies,"Listen Agent Vaughn, we are doing all that we can. The mission wasn't that important, you'll find out later. This is Agent Katherine Pingleton."
    Katherine says,"Hi. My name is Agent Pingleton and I moved here from Maine."
    Vaughn says hi and then states,"I'm going to go find her. I'll call if I ned back-up."
    Weiss enters the building.
    Weiss asks,"For what? Have you seen the next Agent?"
    Vaughn says,"Sydney hasn't called and she didn't go on the mission."
    Weiss,"Don't worry man. She's ok. Isn't the new agent hot? We ate together one time."
    Vaughn stares at Weiss and says,"Her? She's who you like?"
    Weiss fake barfs and says,"No, not her! She's old enough to be my mom. I meant Agent Rodriguez. Look who likes my mom."
    They both look at each other and then at Kendall.
    Weiss says,"Maybe he is loveable."
    Vaughn asks,"Will you come with me to go find Sydney?"
    Weiss says,"Fine. I have to go find my woman first."
    Weiss and Vaughn find Julia and Julia has her own agenda.
    Julia says,"Listen. We need to talk. I have been thinking about us and I have something to say if we are going to be together."
    > You hav to sware you've got love to love me. We must have our story. With a happy ending. These are the rules for us, use your eyes only to look at me, use your mouth only to kiss my lips. We are branches of the same old tree. You can laugh only if you laugh with me. You can cry only if you cry for me.
    Weiss says,"Well. That sounds good. Anything else? Do you want to come with Mike and I to go find Sydney?"
    Julia says,"Sure. Not there isn't anything else. So this is Mike? I've heard a lot about you. I'm sure Weiss already told you about me. I'm guessing Sydney is the woman of your dreams and that she is with Sark?"
    Vaughn says,"Well, I guess he did tell you a lot about me. Yes, Sdyney is the woman of my dreams, I have no idea where she is but I'm going to find out. Nice to meet you."
    Julia says,"That sounds good to me."

    Back to Kendall and Katherine.
    Kendall asks,"Would you like to come with me and find those agents as your first assignment? By the way, how long have you worked at the C.I.A.?"
    Katherine walks over and says,"I'd love to. I've worked here for 15 years."
    >Oh baby you, got what I need. But you say I'm just a friend, but you say I'm just a friend. You can call me anytime you like, doesn't matter day or night. We can do whatever you, want to do, it's up to you.
    Kendall says,"The agents probably went to go find Syd."

    Chapter 4 will come soon.
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    Jan 12, 2003
    Its really good please post more

    ~KM :angelic:
  7. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    I believe I remember that part too.

    ~Me :angel2:
  8. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    thanx for reposting it! nice work. :)
  9. *twinkletoes*

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    Feb 27, 2003
    great story. Post more please.( i got to get a thesaurus)
  10. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Here are the songs for this chapter Avril Lavigne-Unwanted,Tomorrow, Christina Aguliera-You Make Me Happy, BBMak-Back Here, Simple Plan-I'd Do Anything
    Sloane enters and Sydney is now confused.
    >All that I did was walk over and start off by shaking your hand. That's how it went. I had a smile on my face and sat up straight. I wanted to know you I wanted to show you. You don't kow me, don't ignore me. If you had your way you'd shut me up and make me go away.

    Sloane grins and says,"Hello. How nice to see you agian. Do you know that you are like a daughter to me? You wouldn't go against your father would you?"
    Sydney asks,"Where am I?"
    Sloane answers,"You are with me. This is the last thing I ever wanted for you. I never wanted to kill you."
    Sydney smiles wryly and says,"That's funny. I've always wanted to kill you."
    Sloane asks,"Do you think you'll get saved? No one knows you are here."
    Sydney remembers having her cellphone with a tracking device in it.
    Sydney says,"Well, if you are going to kill me, will you at least tell me where I am so I can die in peace?"
    Sloane says,"Who said anything about killing you? I'm going to torture you. You'll die eventually. Don't you remember anything?"

    Vaughn is flying to a tracking station is Gambia. He nods off to sleep and only thinks about Sydney.
    > I'd do anything just to hold you in my arms. I'd do anything to fall asleep with you. I'd do anything.
    >Since you went away, nothings been the same, don't know what I'm living for. Here I am so alone, and there's nothing I can do until you're back here baby. Nedd you. Want you. Miss you so until you're back here baby. There's a feeling inside I want you to know, you are the one and I can't let you go.
    Weiss wakes up Vaughn and lets him know what he does when he sleeps.
    Weiss says,"Dude, I know you love me but did you have to drool on me and caress my arm?"
    Vaughn blushes and says,"Sorry. I was dreaming."
    Weiss says,"Yeah, sure. I'm trying to impress my lady and I can't have you doing that. Just don't do that agian."
    Vaughn asks,"Do you think.. oh nevermind."
    Weiss says,"No, common it can't be that bad."
    Vaughn says,"That's she's with Sark or a new enemy?"
    Weiss says comfortingly,"She'll be ok man, we'll get her back. I know she means a lot to you."
    Vaughn says,"Thanks. I need that."
    Julia says,"Wow. You really do love her. How long have you been going out for?"
    Vaughn grins and says,"It's complicated, but for a week now. I'm going to go get something to eat."
    Vaughn leaves.
    Weiss says,"Wow. He has it bad."
    Julia says,"I think it's sweet he loves her so much. I wish I had someone to love me that much. Don't tell me you are that person, it wouldn't be charming. Are we together or just friends?"
    Weiss smiles and says,"I think we are more than friends and I would like to be more than that... Sorry, I know you don't like cheesy."
    Julia smiles and says,"That wasn't cheesy. I feel the same but where do we go from here?"
    Weiss says,"How about dinner and a movie?"
    Julia says,"Sure."
    Weiss asks,"Do you mind if I kiss you?"
    Julia says,"That's cute. I don't mind, I would like that infact."

    Back to Kendall and Katherine.
    Pingleton asks,"Are you married?"
    Kendall says,"No. Can we get back to work here?"
    Katherine says,"Oh. Me neither."
    >Maybe tomorrow, today I'm not ready. Maybe tomorrow, it is a different day.

    Chapter 5 coming back soon.
  11. Alias Elle

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    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Yes, it's all coming back to me now...

    ~Me :angel2:
  12. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 5 songs- Avril Lavigne-Thing's I'll never Say, X-Tina-Our Day Will Come, BBMak-Unpredictable.

    Julia and Weiss kiss and then they go with Vaughn to the tracking center in Gambia. The man there only speaks French(sorry, I know I'd said things wrong.) and only cares about going home.
    The clerk says,"Monsieur, je pense que je ne peux pas dire ou elle est allee."
    Vaughn asks,"Pourquoi? Travailles-tu pour la C.I.A.?"
    Clerk says,"Oui, mais j'ai faim et je veux aller a ma maison."
    Vaughn gets mad and says,"Je veux le reponde. Dit moi matinant! Quand nous sommes finir, nous pouvons aller chez nous, bien?"
    Clerk says,"Oui. Bien sur. Mais qui cherches-tu?"
    Vaughn says,"Agent Bristow, numero 547-0760. S'il vous plait, il faut la-bas."
    The clerk says,"Oui. Voici la rue ou elle est aller. Rue General Marco."
    Vaughn smiles and says,"Merci, merci, merci beaucoups!"
    Vaughn, Julia, and Weiss all head towards the area where Sydney had been tracked to.

    Back to Kendall and Katherine.
    Kendall says,"We have location for Weiss and Vaughn, where is Rodriguez?"
    Katherine says,"She doesn't have a tracker on her, neither do I."
    Kendall says," I don't believe they need back-up. They went without confirmation, but they'll be ok."
    Katherine asks,"Who is Agent Bristow?"
    Kendall retorts,"A C.I.A. agent, who else?"
    Katherine asks,"Would you like to go out for a bite after this?"
    Kendall says,"There are rules against that. If you were to ask me later, then maybe."

    Back to Sydney. She has grown weaker as the days have gone by out of lonelinees, hunger, and thirst. All she can think about is Vaughn. She thinks that if she ever sees him again she'll marry him right on the spot.
    >I'm tugging at my hair, I'm pulling at my clothes. I staring at my feet, I know it shows. I'm feeling nervous, trying to be so perfect cause I know you're worth, you're worth it. If I could says what I want to say, I want to blow you away. Be with you every night. Am I sqeezing you too tight? If I could say what I want to see, I want to see you go down... on one knee. Marry me today. Guess I'm wishing my life away, with these things I'll never say.
    Vaughn finally arrives at the location and see's Sark and Sloane talking. He wants to kill them for all they have done to Sydney and him.

    Back to Jack and Irina on their mission.
    Jack says,"You know that you look good when you aren't betraying me?"
    Irina says,"I still love... or have feelings for you Jack."
    Jack says,"Do you? The feeling I'm filles with are hate and anger."
    Irina says,"You'll get over that. How is our daughter?"
    Jack says,"Agent Bristow is fine."
    >Our day will come and we'll have everything. We'll share the joy only love can bring. I love you so... and you love me. Our day will come if we just wait a while. Our day will come.
    Irina asks,"Jack, will you ever forgive me?"
    Jack says,"Let's go find the picture."
    Irina says,"Please just answer me that."
    Jack says,"Perhaps. What exactly does this picture have to do with anything?"

    Back to Julia and Weiss. They are following Vaughn but talk amongst themselves and kiss.
    Julia says,"You are a good kisser."
    Weiss says,"Thanks. You too."
    Julia says,"So... um, when are we going to the movies?
    Weiss says,"When we get back to L.A."
    >Nothing is for certain but theres one thing that I know, never underestimate what love can do. I want to show you, even though there are no guarentees. Just let me hold you, love can do most anything if you just believe. It can take you to the highest high, make you sacrifice it all. Baby, love is unpredictable.
    Vaughn, Julia, and Weiss find the room where Sydney is unconscious. Vaughn runs over to her.
    Vaughn says,"Syd. Wake up. Wake up Syd. It's me Vaughn, wake up."
    Sydney doesn't wake up so he carries her out the door in his loving arms. Theye are met by Sark.
    Sark says,"Well well. If it isn't pretty French hero boy saving American girl. Not this time Mr. Vaughn."
    Vaughn says glaring,"I'll kill you. Why is she unconscious? What drug did you give her?"
    Sark grins and says,"You are the reason she isn't awake. You took too long."
    Weiss and Julia finally come and help Vaughn out.
    Weiss says,"Stop right there you British bastard."
    Sark asks,"What do we have here? What are you planning to do? Julia you look radiant."
    Weiss shoots Sark and they run out of the building. Vaughn puts Sydney is the car while caressing her face. Syd wakes up and asks where she is. Vaughn lets her know she's going to be ok. They go to a club/restaurant nearby to get food, drink, and to relax.

    Back to Kendall and Katherine.
    Kendall says,"I think it's time we left."
    Katherine says,"I think so too. They'll come back eventually."
    Kendall and katherine leave the premisses when she asks him about dinner. Kendall asks where and she suggests mexican food. They leave and go eat at Jalisco's.

    Chapter 6 will be back up soon.
    Feed back helps. If no feedback, no writting.
  13. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    The French was almost perfect. Sorry, I take French so I've been sitting here practicing and analyzing it.

    ~Me :angel2:
  14. vavavavartan

    vavavavartan Captain

    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 6 songs- JC Chasez-Blowing Me Up, X-Tina-The Way You Talk To Me, BBMak-Can't Say, Shakira-Fool, Underneath Your Clothes, Avril Lavigne- Too Much To Ask

    Vaughn, Julia, Weiss, and Sydney are all at the restaurant and are relaxing.
    >You're a song written by the hands of god. Don't get me wrong cause this might sound to you a bit odd. But you own the place where all my thoughts go hiding, right under your clothes is where I'll find them.
    Underneath your clothes there's an endless story. There's the man I chose, there's my territory. Because of you, I'm running out of reason to cry. When the friends are gone, when the party's over. We will still belong to each other.
    Vaughn says,"I'm so glad you are safe and we are together agian."
    Sydney says,"Thank you for saving me again. I knew you'd come. Who is this?"
    Weiss says,"This is agent Rodriguez, my girlfriend."
    Julia says,"I'm more than that, but we'll catch up later. Oh, I love this song."
    >Saw you around the other day. Looked like you were feeling me so I has to come and see. I said I can
    't lose to you. Girly wasn't try to hate, but she had to demonstrate she was the queen to be, but she couldn't fight the chemistry. She was dico lights on a Friday night, she moves across the floor. She was oh so tight like dynomite, blowing me up with her love. She was on the phone, with me all night long. I just can't get enough. She was blowin me up with her love.
    Weiss says,"She has moves."
    Sydney says,"You are better than me, I like that."
    Julia says,"That's part of my background."
    Vaughn is enjoying being happy with Sydney when the phone rings. Alice calls.
    Alice asks,"Why haven't you called me?"
    >It's the first time I've ever felt so lonely. Wish someone could take away this pain. It's funny how you think it's gonna work out till you chose her over me you're so lame. I thought you were cool until the point. Until the point where you didn't cal me when you said you would. Finally found out you're all the same. Always coming up with some kind of story.
    Vaughn says,"We broke up."
    Alice says,"Did we? Are you sure that's what you want? Why?"
    Vaughn says,"Listen. We did. Yes, it's what I want. Because I don't love you anymore. I haven't for a while."
    >All this pain feels like pleasure. With my tears you could make a sea a desert. Salt my wounds and I'll say thank you. But I can't help it, I'm just a fool. Always having my heart set on you. Until the time you start changing the rules, I'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes.
    Alice says,"You can't be serious. What did I do? Wasn't I good enough?"
    Vaughn says,"No. You weren't. I'm sorry I have to go."
    Weiss asks,"Who was that?"
    Vaughn says,"Alice. She doesn't get it."

    Back to Jack and Irina.
    Irina,"I'm so glad I get to be free. Jack, you have to believe that I still love you. The picture shows the world in the year 2020. There are mathamatical algorithims on the page that explain what the world should be like. It was said that there are acient spirts guarding the picture."
    Jack says,"So what now? Rambaldi has spirits? Where is the picture?"
    Irina says,"We are standing next to it."
    >I just can't wait to hear your voice whispering sweetly to me baby. All of me wants all that you've got ready for me to receive. You're making me know that you're there for me feels so good inside. I like the way you talk to me.
    Jack says,"Really."
    Jack leans over and so does Irina. Their lips met and they quickly pull away and go back together for a long passionate kiss. Irina breaks it off.
    Irina says,"The picture is moving, we have to go get it."

    At Jalisco's with Kendall and Katherine.
    Kendall says,"This is good food."
    Katherine says,"This is my favorite place to eat. Are you ready to go?"
    Kendall says,"Miss Pingleton, I regret to inform you that we can't leave together."
    Katherine says,"All I said was if you were ready to leave or not. Nothing was implied, but if you want to act that way then nevermind. Good bye."

    Back to Vaughn, Sydney, Julia, and Weiss. They are all on the plane back to L.A.
    Weiss says, That was fun."
    Julia says,"I never want to do that again. I had fun with you. There is something about you I like."
    Weiss grins and says,"Yeah, that was fun. Only that."
    >I can't say why I love you, but I do, yes I do. When I'm around you, it feels so good, fels so good. And everythng you give to me, feels as though it's meant to be. If you ever ask me how I feel, I can't say why I love you, but I do, yes I do. Baby when I found you, I just knew, I just knew that I, couldn't live without you, feel it too do you feel it too?
    Syd and Vaughn are sitting talking when they get a beep from Kendall telling them they have to get back and go on a mission soon.
    Sydney turns to Vaughn and says,"I don't want to go. By the way, where was I?"
    Vaughn says,"Neither do I. We have to. You were in Gambia. What happened to you? Why didn't you show?"
    Sydney says,"Sark took me after I ran into the vehicle ahead of me."
    Vaughn asks,"Are you ok? We're about to land. Do you want to stay at my house before we leave again?"
    Sydney smiles and says,"I'd love to."

    Chapter 7 will be back up soon. Alias Elle, are you the only one reading my story? I feel sad and lonely.
  15. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 7 songs- All 4 One-I Swear, X-Tina-Believe Me, BBMak-Next Time, Always, Shakira- Objection, Eagles-Victim of Love.

    Jack and Irina in Zimbabwe.
    Jack asks, "What do you mean the picture is moving?"
    Irina replies,"Nothing. What is our objective?"
    Jack says,"We have to remove the picture form this area."
    Irina asks,"How?"
    Jack says,"Just help me lift it. I want to get out of here."
    Irina,"There are spirits, they'll come out as sonn as we touch it."
    Jack asks,"Are you scared? Just help me."
    Jack and Irina lift the picture and are chased out of the cave by darts. They get to the extraction point and then get on the plane.

    Back to Kendall and Katherine
    Kendall says,"Fine."
    Katherine says,"Bye."
    Kendall says,"Wait. Were you expecting something more from me?"
    Katherine says,"I don't expect anything from you!"
    >Victim of love, it's such an easy part. Victim of love, what kind of love have you got?

    Back to Sydney and Vaughn, at Sydney's appartment.
    Sydney asks,"Are you all packed?"
    Vaughn replies,"Yes. I think you should pack that blue dress."
    Sydney smiles and asks,"Why? What are we doing our mission?"
    Vaughn says,"You and I are brother and sister. My name is Andrew Jones and I'm a 32 year old stock investor. Your name is Celeste and you are a professional snowboarder."
    Sydney asks,"Then why do I need that?"
    Vaughn smiles and says,"Who said we can't go out afterward?"
    Sydney replies,"That 8 letter word. I get chills every time I hear it."
    Vaughn says,"Let's go. Pack that blue dress."
    They get on the plane and Alice calls. (this is the last time)
    Vaughn says,"Hello?"
    Alice asks,"Where are you?"
    Vaughn gets mad and says,"I thought you weren't going to call anymore."
    Alice says,"I still want to be friends. Are you going out with Rita?"
    Vaughn says,"What does it matter if I am? What if I was?"
    Alice says,"I knew it. You always talked about her. That's why she was at the hospital. As long as you are happy. Are you happy?"
    Vaughn smiles and says,"Yes. I have to go."
    >It's not her fault she's so irrestible, but all the damage she's caused isn't fixable. Every 20 seconds you repeat her name, but when it come to me you don't care if I'm alive or dead. So objection, I don't to be the exception to get a bit of your attention. I love you for free and I'm not your mother, but you don't even bother.
    By the time vaughn gets off the phone, Sydney is asleep.

    Back to Jack and Irina on the plane.
    Irina says,"Do you remember when Sydney little and we would bake cookies..."
    Jack says,"And she used to call them spies because you put eyes on them?"
    Irina laughs,"Yep. That was a fun time. I never meant to hurt you. I was just doing my job. I fell in love with you and i didn't want to leave but i had to.
    Jack says," I believe you. I probably would have done the same thing."
    >You believed in me when no one else did. You gave the strength to go on.

    Back to Sydney and vaughn. While Sydney is sleeping she thinks of vaughn.
    >And now, you face lights up the sky. Some how, I know that you re close by. And when, I'm happy you see. I know, you're watching over me always.
    Sydney wakes up as the plane lands in Madrid. She is waering a skater outfit and a hemp necklace with a mushroom on it. Vaughn is wearing a white collar suit and a blue tie. They are at the house of Josue Velazquez.
    Sydney asks,"What are we doing here?"
    Vaughn says,"Nothing. We are here to eat lunch. Kendall wanted us to take a vacation."
    Sydney says with a angry tone," Why didn't you tell me?"
    Vaughn says,"I wanted it to be a suprise."
    Sydney says angrily,"You are always doing that. It never pays to suprise me. So we are here for lunch?"
    Vaughn retorts,"Why are you so upset? This is supposed to be vacation."
    Sydney snaps back,"You need to stop keeping things from me. Spend this vacation alone."
    Vaughn says,"Fine. If you are going to be like that, maybe you should leave."
    Sydney leaves and is crying. Vaughn goes a different way and wishes that things were different. He feels that if she ever comes back he'll love her unconditionally. He still does.
    > I lie awake and I die. I try but can't deny, I can't make it without her. I can't forget the day, I let her slip away and I'm still dreaming about her. Can a heart forgive? Cause I just can't make it without her. The next time you see my girl, will you say that I. I will die, I would die to hold her. The next time you see my girl, won't you tell her that I'm sorry and tell her that I love her.
    >I swear, by the moon and stars in the sky, I'll be there.For better or worse, till death do us part, I'll love you with every single beat of my heart. I swear.

    Chapter 8 cliffs- Weiss and Julia go further in their relationship and then hit a rock. Jack and Irina dissapte, Kendall and Katherine get closer, what about vaughn and Sydney?
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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 8
    Songs ?-I never Let You Go, Bloodhound Gang-Discover Channel, Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow-Picture, Shakira-The One, Sum 41-All She's Got, LFO-Every Other Time.

    Katherine walks off alone and wants to be with Kendall. She knows these is someting there that could be. She wants that thing to come up but she knows it'll be difficult.
    >You're the one I need. The way back home is always long. But if you're close to me, I'm holding on to you. You're the one need. My real life has just begun. In a world full of strangers, you're the one I know.

    Kendall is driving along the road and see Kathrine entering her house. He pulls up and tell her that she need to come in to work. She yells at him and then gets into the car. She and him are on their way to Headquarters when they get pulled over.

    Back to Sydney. Sydney returns to L.A. alone and thinks of how sad she is without Vaughn. Sydney calls Vaughn who is still in Madrid.
    Sydney says,"I'm sorry."
    Vaughn asks,"Where are you?"
    Sydney says,"In L.A. Where are you?"
    Vaughn says,"I'm in Madrid looking for you."
    Sydney says,"I'm not mad at you... I just I got angry when you didn't tell me something as simple as luch."
    Vaughn says,"That was my assignment. I couldn't tell you. I love you. Don't forget that."
    Sydney says,"I love you too. Come home so we can go out to dinner. I promise I'll wear that blue dress."
    Vaughn smiles and says,"I like the black one better. See you later."
    >I never let you go. I never let you go.You said that I changed, well maybe I changed. Even if I've changed, what's wrong with it? I never let you go. I feel you piulsing like a sonar. That girl is like a sunburn.

    Weiss Julia are at Weiss's house. They fall into bed with raging emotions.
    >You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the Dicovery Channel.
    They sit up and talk.
    Weiss asks,"So what new?"
    Julia says,"Nothing,I don't think Sar... my hus.... um I mean Moises would care about what we just did. So what's new?"
    Weiss stares and say,"What? Your husband? You are married and you didn't tell me? Wait, no... Sark? That's why he said hi to you. You are so sick. Get out of my house."
    Julia has tears welling up and says,"It's really no big deal."
    Weiss says,"No big deal. We are C.I.A. agents, we just commited adultry. You have to leave."
    Julia says,"It's not a crime. I'll leave... if that's what you want."
    Several days have passed and they have moved on to someone new. They are both miserable and still think of each other.
    >Living my life in a slow hell. Different girl every night at the hotel. Fueling up on the whiskey, wish I had good girl to miss me. Lord I wonder if I'll even change my ways. I ain't seen the sunshine in three damn days. Been fueling up on heart aches and cheap wine. I ain't seen the sunshine in three damn night. I can't understand why we're living life this way.
    Weiss calls Vaughn and tells him the situation. Vaughn tries to console him.
    >Believe her, it's all she's got to keep things, believe her it's all she's got, it's all she's got.
    Weiss thanks vaughn and decides to call Julia and resovle thier argument.
    Weiss says,"Julia, I'm sorry. I love you. I have missed you."
    Julia says,"It's ok. I know I sould have told you ealier. I have missed you too."
    >Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's white. Sometimes she's wrong sometimes I'm right. But when I think about it, I'm so in love with her.

    Vaughn arrives back in L.A. and Sydney gets a call from him. Her emotions rush and she know she loves him. She thinks of his dreamy face.
    >And now it seems that I without your eyes could never be. My one desire, all I aspire is in your eyes forever to live.Tearing down windows and doors, I could not find eyes like yours.
    Vaughn goes to her appartment as the bearer of bad news. Another mission.
    Vaughn says," Hi. I love you. Kendall called me and told me you have a mission by yourself. You are giong to Veneta, Oregon as Brittney Simmons. You will be camping at the Oregon Country Fair with a girl named Shraha Marie. She only knows that you are a pro snowboarder. You are going this weekend the 13th, 14th, and 15th. You will be looking for someone named Mowgli. She will show you around and let you get to know this man. Although she knows him well, she isn't one of them. You are looking for a Rambaldi disc that descrambles the book."
    Sydney asks,"Isn't that what Marshall is for?"
    Vaughn laughs and kisses Sydney.
    Vaughn asks pouting,"What will I do alone?"
    Sydney says,"Party and hang out Weiss. How is Julia?"
    Vaughn says,"Well, Weiss called and said they were in a fight."
    Sydney says,"I hope they work it out."

    Back to Jack and Irina on L.A. he visits her in the cell.
    Jack asks,"How are you?"
    Irina says,"Fine. Why do you ask? You look bad."
    Jack says,"Agent Bristow need to know what is on the Rambaldi disc."
    Irina says,"On the disc.. with, who is she connecting with?"
    Jack says,"With Mowgli."
    Irina says,"Tell her she need to talk to Alan. The disc contains all the codes and what they are used for."
    Jack smiles ans says,"I'll pass along this intel. Thank you."
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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 9 will be soon, if you respond. The cliffs are:
    1. Sydney runs into trouble in Veneta.
    2. Vaughn is sad alone.
  18. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 9
    songs- Lenny Kravitz-I belong To You, Usher-U Got It Bad, Ben Harper and The Innocent Crimnals-Steal My Kisses, Macy Gray-I Try, Sum 41-Nothing On My Back, Savage Garden-I Knew I Loved You

    Sydney goes to Veneta and drives past Vaughn road. She tries not to think about him but it's too much to handle.
    >I try to say good-bye and I choke. I try to walk away and I stumble. Baby even though I try to hide it, it's clear, my world crumbles when you aren't here. I've been dreaming of you babe.

    Sydney gets there and she meets Shraha. Shraha takes Sydney to Energy Park. Sydney realizes that this is one place unlike another. When Sydney gets to Energy Park Alan goes up to Shraha and hugs her. Sydney realizes that makes Shraha uncomfortable.. Sydney has a conversation with Shraha and wants to know all about Alan.

    Sydney asks,"How do you know him?"
    Shraha says,"I... well used to like his son Elliot. That was 3 years ago. Elliot made me meet his father and left me alone. Ever since then he has been talking to me. He comes up behind me and hugs me or rubs my back. It annoys me. It also grosses me out."
    Sydney says,"Yeah. I know what you mean. Do you now Mowgli?"
    Shraha says,"Yep. Mowgli is his son. Adopted or something. Last year was bad with him."
    Sydney asks,"What did you do?"
    Shraha says,"I was babysitting this kid and I was telling him I was hiding from that guy. The kid likes drums and and heard one. We went behind where we were sitting and he was playing the drums. He kept playing and said something like that was his dad that walked past."
    Sydney replies,"Wow."
    Shraha says,"They seem suspicious."
    Sydney says,"Couuld you help me out?"
    Shraha says,"Sure anything."
    Sydney says,"I just want to know something."
    Shraha asks,"Why would a pro snoboarder like you want something with them?"
    Alan comes up to Shraha and wanted to know who her friend was.
    Alan asks,"How are you?"
    Shraha says,"Fine. You?"
    Alan says,"Good. Who is our friend?"
    Sydney says,"My name is Brittney. I'm a snowboarder."
    Alan says,"Shraha, can you leave us alone for a minute?"
    Shraha looks at Sydney and gets confirmation so she leaves. Syndey and Alan leave to go get some ice cream.
    Alan asks,"Why are you really here?"
    Sydney says,"What do you mean?"
    Alan says,"Cut the felgercarb lady. Wait... I'm not giving it to you."
    Sydney says,"Give me what? I don't want anythng."
    Alan says,"I'm not giving you the disk."
    Sydney and Alan were walking towards Shraha.
    Sydney says,"I have no idea what you mean."
    Shraha sees Mowgli coming form the other end of the path and she takes the incentive to leave with Sydney.
    Shraha says,"Brittney, will you go to Stage Left with me?"
    Sydney says,"Sure."
    Shraha takes Sydney away from Alan and Mowglu and asks her what happened. Sydney tells her that it was nothing.
    >With nothing on my back, It's still enough to bring me down. My mind's about to crack. Cause what I tought could not be found. Matter of in fact, It's harder still when you are around. I can't help but drown.

    They run to a place called Alice's House. This of course upsets Sydney.

    Back to Vaughn. He is lonely without Sydney. Music is the only thing that keeps him giong each day. Vaughn is constantly worried about Sydney and he isn't allowed to call her.
    >When you feel it in your body you find somebody who makes you change your ways like hangin with your crew. And everything in your past you wan to let it go. After all this is what I've found. Nobody wants to be alone. You miss one day without your friend and your whole life's off track. You got it bad when you're out with someone but you keep thnking about somebody else. U got it bad when you say that you love em but you really know that everyything that used to matter do matter no more.

    Back to Kendall and Katherine. They are pulled over by a cop. The cop say that unless they are togehter they have to seperate. Katherine leans over and kisses Kendall.
    >You wouldn't even come around to see me. I always have to steal my kisses from you.

    Back to Weiss and Julia. Julia thinks of Weiss and he thinks of her.
    >I knew I loved you before I met you. I think I dreamed you into life.
    >I belong to you, and you belong to me. You make my life complete, you make me feel so sweet.

    Weiss calls Vaughn to talk about their ladies.
    Vaughn answers,"Hello?"
    Weiss says,"Hey man. What's wrong. Is Syd still gone?"
    Vaughn replies,"Yeah. I haven't slept."
    Weiss says,"Dude, she'll be gone for awhile, get some sleep."
    Vaughn asks,"Why did you call?"
    Weiss says,"To talk about our ladies."
    Vaughn asks,"What's up with Julia."
    Weiss says,"She's fine. I haven't talked to her in a while."
    Vaughn says,"You should be talking to her not me. Are you together?"
    Weiss says,"Yes, ok, I see how it is. If you don't want to talk to me I understand. I know when I'm not wanted."
    Vaughn says,"I was giong back to bed, you told me to get some sleep."
    Weiss says,"Bye."
    Vaughn says,"Bye."

    Chapter 10
    songs-N'SYNC-Gone, Chumbawamba-Knocked Down, Monkeys-I'm a Believer, Hoobistank-Running Away, Brittney Spears-I'm a Slave

    Sydney and Shraha are at Alice's. The house is the perfect in everyway. It's big clean and spacious.
    Sydney asks,"How do you know about this place?"
    Shraha says,"From people. Are you hungry? I can't cook but I'm sure they is somethng to eat here. Why were you talking to Alan?"
    Sydney says,"They had something I needed. Why did you run?"
    Shraha says,"You are my guest and I saw you were in trouble. I wanted to "save" you."
    Sydney and Shraha laugh and go into the kitchen.
    >I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never going to keep me down.

    Back to Kendall and Katherine. The cop leaves and they are both stunned.
    Kendall says,"That was..."
    Katherine says,"Against the rules? I know. It'll never happen again. I didn't want to get into trouble."
    Kendall says,"Right."
    >I'm in love, I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried.
    Katherine thinks that Kendall likes but she thinks he'll never say it.
    >Why are you running away? Is it me, or is it you? Is there nothng that I can do?

    Vaughn calls Weiss up and they go out to the bar.
    Weiss asks,"Where is Sydney?"
    Vaughn says,"In Veneta."
    Weiss asks,"Still?"
    Vaughn says,"Yep."
    Weiss grins and says,"You poor bastard. It must be killing you."
    Vaughn says,"Thanks. I came here with you to get my mind off of that. I miss her."
    >If I could just find a way to make it so you were right here, right now. I've been sitting here. Can't get you off my mind. I drove myself insane wishing I could touch your face. You're gone. The time is passing by so slowly now. I'll just hang around and find something to do to take my mind off you.

    Julia calls Weiss on his cell phone and he tells her to meet him at the bar. Julia shows up and talks to Vaughn.
    Julia asks,"Where is Sydney?"
    Vaughn says,"In Veneta."
    Julia says,"Still? Sad. How are you holding up? You look tired."
    Julia and Vaughn keep talking when Weiss interjects that they should go dance. Vaughn doesn't want to so Julia and Weiss have their own moment on the floor.
    >I feel like talking, feel like dancing when I see this guy. I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it. I really want to dance tonite with you. I really want to do what you want me to. Baby don't you want to dance up on me?
    Weiss says,"So... anythng new? Is there anythng to do to help Mike?"
    Julia says,"No. Just let him know you are there for him."
    Weiss says,"I would hate to see him if something were to happen to her."
    Julia scorns,"Don't say that! That's his worst fear. Leave him be."

    Back to Sydney and Shraha.
    Shraha says,"That was good. Where did you learn to cook like that?"
    Sydney says,"My friend taught me."
    Shraha asks,"Do you have a boyfriend?"
    Sydney says,"Yeah. His name's Michael. Do you?"
    Shraha says,"Nope. Never have. I wish I had one."
    Sydney says,"It's fun but not somethng you need."
    Shraha says,"Everyone says that. I want to experience more than just friendship. All my friends have boyfriends. I feel like an outcast. I like so many guys but they don't like me."
    Syndey smlies and asks,"How do you know? have you asked them?"
    Shraha says,"No. I could never do that."
    Sydney says,"They might be just as shy as you."
    Shraha says,"One has been my best friend for 9 years. He has a girlfriend. There is someone here that I like. He acts like he likes me but he's so much older than me. He... well, I'm sure I've bored you enough."
    Sydney says,"No. I'm having fun. You should ask him."
    Shraha says,"He's older than me."
    Syndey sys,"So, it's not like you are doing anything. You are just asking a question."
    Shraha says,"Thanks. Maybe I will."
    Sydney says,"No problem. Excuse me, I have to go make a call.

    Sydney walks to a different part of that house and decides she can't take it any longer so she calls Vaughn.

    What did you think about these chapters? I'm hoping for feedback. Even if you think it sucks, just write something.

    Chapter 11 cliffs-Sydney talks Vaughn into coming to Veneta. Will goes crazy. Julia has wedding bells ringing in her head.
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    Jan 9, 2003
    shouldn't matter to you where I live
    I love that Avril Lavinge song too!! I love all the songs you've used in the story! This story is really really good! Any chance you'll have some more up tomorrow?
  20. vavavavartan

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    Dec 13, 2002
    Chapter 11
    songs-Staind-It's Been A While, Rolling Stones-Satisfaction, Pink-Don't Let Me Get Me, Eminem-Without Me, Sum41-Motivation, Mandy Moore-Candy

    Back at the bar with Weiss and Julia. Sydney calls a distraught Vaughn.
    Vaughn says,"Hello?"
    Sydney says,"Umm...."
    Vaughn says,"Joey's Pizza?"
    Sydney says,"I think you have the wrong number. Do you mean the one in Veneta?"
    Vaughn smiles and says,"Of course."
    Vaughn knows that Sydney wants him to go to Veneta. He is excited but then he wonders exactly where she is. He calls her back.
    Vaughn asks,"Joey's Pizza?"
    Sydney says,"Sorry, wrong number."
    Vaughn says,"What street are you on?"
    Sydney replies,"Located between Chickadee and Snivel Road."
    Vaughn says,"Thank you."
    Sydney says,"No problem."
    >I'm so addicted to the love that you're feeding to me. Can't do it without you. This feeligs got me weak in the knees. Bodies in control everytime you take it away. So baby come to me and baby show me who you are. I'm crazy for you. I've been missing you like candy. Sweet sweet loving got me going to the extreme. No doubt about it boy you got me boy got me feeling crazy can't get enough. Your loves' as sweet as candy. I'll be forever yours.

    Back to Julia and Katherine.
    Julia says,"I have been thinking."
    Katherine asks,"About what?"
    Julia says,"I know I'm not getting any younger. I think I want to marry Eric."
    Kathirine says,"That doesn't sound like you. Why do you want to marry him?"
    Julia responds,"He's funny, sweet, and handsome. I love him."
    Katherine says,"Well, if you think that's what you want."
    Julia smiles and asks,"How's Kendall?"
    Katherine says with a grin,"The other night I had one of my friends dress up as a cop. He told Kendall that we would have to seperate if we weren't together. So I kissed him to show that we were. Then I made up some story about how I didn't want to get into trouble."
    Julia laughs and says,"You didn't. That's horrible. What'd he do?"
    Katherine says,"He kissed me back and then tried to tell me it was agianst the rules and to never to do that again."
    Julia asks,"And?"
    Katherine says,"And nothing. I'm here with you aren't I?"
    Julia laughs and calls Weiss.
    Julia says,"Hey Eric, I need to talk."
    Weiss says,"Ut oh. Are you breaking up with me?"
    Julia says,"I just need to talk to you. That's all."
    Weiss asks,"Where?"
    Julia suggests Ocean Sky and Weiss agrees. Julia and Weiss go to the restaurant and talk.
    Julia says nervously,"Um... I've been wondering."
    Weiss says,"What did I do wrong? I..."
    Julia says,"No Eric, the exact opposite. You have done almost everything right. You are funny, charming, handsome, and so much more. I was thinking about our future together."
    Weiss holds a grin and says,"Ok. What about our future?"
    Julia says,"I think I want to marry you."
    Weiss says,"Marry me? Are you sure about this? I mean we have only been togehter for 9 months. Oh, you aren't pregnant are you?"
    Julia scowls and says,"No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I think I'm sure. I'm not proposing I was just saying."
    Weiss says,"Well, I must admit that I have thought about it. Do you have things planned out?"
    Julia says,"No. I wanted to see what you would say."
    Weiss says,"I thought you were joking at first because this doesn't sound like you. So do you want to start planning?"
    Julia says,"Sure. What's your favorite month?"
    Weiss smiles and says,"June, what about you?"
    Julia laughs and says,"June. What day? I have thought about the 6th or the 12th."
    Weiss says,"I like either.I think you should choose."
    Julia says,"Ok. The 6th of June."
    Weiss thinks and says,"What about your family? I haven't met your parents yet."
    Julia says,"That's easy. My parents are dead and the only real family I have is Moises. You'll get to meet him when he comes this weekend."
    Weiss smiles and says,"I can't wait. My parents are living somewhere else and I'll tell them on the phone if that's ok."
    Julia says,"Sure. But can I talk to them?"
    Weiss smiles and says,"Of course. Mrs. Julia Weiss."

    Back to Vaughn on the way to Veneta.
    >This looks like a job for me. Cause it'd be so lonely without me. Well I'm back. I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling. But no matter how many fish there are in the sea, it'd be so empty without me.

    Sydney sits with Shraha and talks about Mike.
    Sydney says,"He's coming here."
    Shraha asks,"Who?"
    Sydney says,"My boyfriend Michael."
    Shraha asks,"Is that who you called?"
    Syndey smiles and says,"Yeah. I miss him so much. It's hard to think of much else."
    >Motivation's such an aggrivation, accusation's don't know how to take them, inspiration's getting hard to fake it. Concentration's never hard to break it. Situation never what you want it to be. it seems like leaving friends has become this years trend. It's not the same but who's to blame.

    Will is at home and frantically calls Syndey.
    Will says,"I can't live without you. I know you are with Vaughn but I want you and I need you. You are always gone but it makes me need you even more. I know you have your stupid job but I need someone, that's you.
    >I can't get no satisfaction. I try and I try, but I can't go no. Hey hey hey, that's what I say, I can't get no.
    it's been a while since I could hold my head up high. It's been a wile since I could call you.
    Will continues,"Sydney if you could just call me. I love you."

    Back to Kendall at his house. Kendall is on shock and wonders if he just got kissed. He realizes that he did and that he kissed back. He knows he should be agianst this because of the rules but he liked it. Kendall thinks if he were just a little less the job and more the friend that he would tell her that he feels something.
    >Don't let me get me. I'm my own worst enemy. I want to be somebody else.

    Kendall calls up Katherine and quikly hangs up. He feels like a child for doing that but he knows he shouldn't indulge his emotions.

    Chapter 12 cliffs-Jack and Irina, Kendall and Katherine get closer. Weiss and Julia start to make wedding plans. Moises comes for the rest of the summer. Vaughn/Sydney/Shraha are all in Veneta and Mike spills out to much.

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