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ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours.
But make no mistake - ORBITER is not a space shooter. The emphasis is firmly on realism, and the learning curve can be steep. Be prepared to invest some time and effort to brush up on your orbital mechanics background. A good starting point is JPL's Space Flight Learners' Workbook - or you could tap into the accumulated knowledge base of the Orbiter community to get advice.

Orbiter in the press

PC Format, August+September 2002 double feature "Fly the Space Shuttle - This is probably as close as you're going to get ..."

PC Pilot, issue 19, November/December 2002 "The visuals are wonderful, especially the view of Earth from space, and the whole launch and re-entry sequences look fabulous."

Computer Pilot, April 2003 "Orbiter is an in-depth simulation, based on complex physics models for space travel, planetary motion and atmospheric effects ..."



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