Geordi from Star Trek uses a Mac?


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Apparently LeVar Burton, Geordi from ST:TNG fame, is a Mac guy....

Another sales associate said he got a tongue lashing from LeVar Burton, presenter of Reading Rainbow and a member of the Star Trek crew.
The associate, who also asked to remain anonymous, said he made the mistake of asking Burton for some ID when the actor was making a big credit card purchase.

The associate said he recognized Burton, but wanted to reassure him he was doing a thorough job of checking credentials.

Burton "began shouting at me to ask anyone in the store who he was, all the while telling me that he left his ID in the car and he didn't want to have to go get it," the associate said. "I finally caved in, only because I could see a vein pulsating in his forehead and I didn't want to be the one responsible for causing the blind dude from Star Trek to have a stroke."
Read the full article at,2125,66580,00.html for some insight into how "stars" act at retail stores. ;)