Godly Game... literally

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I was going to say Xena... but I like Zee too much.

It's the sidekick of Moose from the cartoon network / Noggin thing?


Clearly this thing inspired you!




No! Harry! Don't look into the light!

I can't help it, it's so beautiful . . .




Originally posted by Valo@Mar 19 2006, 04:25 AM
I was creative and put some letters together to form a cool word.
Only after i started using it did I find out that its a word in finland and also the name of some guy in a band :(
My name is a DnD character, but I spelled it wrong because I was 10 when I picked it.



I chose Jaraeth randomly... I like names that start with J, but are not "average"... ie: Jaysen. I went to go with that for a DAoC character some 4 years ago, and decided it was too modern, and fiddled with names ending in "eth". The first name, which I still use, is "Jasuuth" (pron. as it looks: "Jah-soo-th"), and then for my second character, a warrior/magic hybrid (in DAoC: Hibernia's Champion) and again, mixed and matched until "Jaraeth" (pronounced: "Jar-ay-eth") came to be.

I usually try to make names that are believable for the time period and race, and if unpronounceable, I make them take on nicknames given to them by human tongues.

I have had people ask me if I named my character after "Jareth", the character David Bowie played in the movie, "The Labyrinth". While I am honored, as I absolutely love that movie, my name was not derived from his. I did have to go watch the movie to be 100% sure his character name was Jareth though :rolleyes:

~ Jaraeth


I just liked the letter combination of Cz... then for some reason I was thinking about Magdar (Other DR character...) so I had Cz___dar, then was just putting in letters... finally put in IV so Czivdar... and then decided to change the D and V... and there you have it! Czidvar.

Originally posted by Nainci@May 17 2006, 10:48 PM
The name I ususally use is Meerp. It is one of the sounds my cat makes. :D
I talk to my cat a lot, and call him lots of things.

Manow-Manow is one of them. So is brat and dummy.

Don't get me wrong, I love him, and he's really smart. I just like to call him names.

He doesn't really have much of a real name, so I call him what I feel like when I need his attention.