Greetings and Salutations


Hungry Trilobyte
Hello All,

My name is Aaron, and I'm a big fan of any scifi out there. If I don't like it, I'd like to sit down with someone who does and talk about why they do! I'm new to the forum, and plan to take it easy for a bit and get to know the place... but scifi has become such a part of my life that I'm joining forums like this to reach out to other people who appreciate it just as much, so we can compare notes. I have a long-term project building, studying how science fiction makes real-life a better place.

I'm really glad places like this exist. I've been on the net since 1995, and I think we've lost something in the move to social media and Web 2.0 concepts. There's a lot to be said for places DESIGNED for long-form text communication, and I really miss this. You'll probably be seeing a lot of me, internet neighbors!