Hayden: Very cool artwork!


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Great Job Hayden! I knew you would have something really kool if you would ever figure out the upload thing!
I'd love to read a nice little quip about the backstory of the crane. What place were you imaging when you were drawing it?

Are you currently working on any more? I'd love to see you do a space craft or an engine.


thankyou fans

Glad you like 'em. More coming soon -looks like less than 10% of HD will be recoverable, all the disks, cd and externals were on the shelves above the mini inferno (so much for back-ups). load of stuff at an exhibition which finishes next week -will scan and upload as soon as I get a chance.

:artist: The 'constructionsite/loadingbay' is what ever you want it to be. The first sketch was a doodle while waiting for offspring get ready to go out. It was originally a loading area onto airborn containerships. A detailed b/w pencildrawing went to an exhibition where a fan from Del Mar commissioned a variant of some corner detail. Subsequently, I coloured the b/w copy in Photoshop - 24.9Mb to the little jpeg you see.

:working: Got some ideas which I might post at each stage so you can see the progress

back soon


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Hayden, where's your exhibition at? I'm in the States, mind you, so I can't check it out but if you'd like to give a heads up about for some of our UK visitors and I'm sure they'd love to get the details.

The constructionsite/loadingbay reminded me a lot of the artwork from the sci-fi book covers of the 60's & 70's period.


An Old Friend
Progression is cool!

I bet you feel sick when you think about the lost art. In H.S. I did some very cool {Painstakingly Detailed} art that I gave a sweetheart. When we broke up she burned them. I feel sick everytime I think of the loss {of the art not Her}.

There are professional recover companies that may be able to recover your data. I hear about one in 94 that dealt with flood issues and I remember them talking about scorched. As long as they were not 'consumed' by flames the data may be recovered. I wish you luck!
Try typing 'fire/flood data recovery' into google.


HD recovery

As I type a friend of a friend who builds/designs/debugs for a major banking group is 'tiptoeing' through the remains. Several specialists said the damage was too severe for recovery but does stuff like this just for fun - graphics coming off bit by bit but loss still greater than 90%.

Alas the exhibition closes tomorrow! next one in the summer - watch for details.

Definately posting more in next week or so. Plans for own website obviously put on hold -loss of art, loss of html written for site (even did my own skins). Boohoo sob!

This isn't the first time I've lost a large quantity of work: about 4 years ago we moved to new property. burgled first night while still moving. place was ransacked -electrical goods, furniture, food, clothing, kids toys and portfolios!!! Everything neatly packed and labelled for easy transportation for us and the $%&*£$s who stole it. Nothing recovered and long battle with insurers!