Hello Folks

Hello everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and community. My name is Eli and I’m a huge genre fan, especially sci-fi. One of my favorite movies is Silent Running, but I also love Star Wars, Trek, 2001, Blade Runner, Alien/s, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly/Serenity (among many others). I am a huge Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov fan. I read and re-read their stuff constantly.

I like when science fiction is used to tell emotionally complex stories that shed light on the human condition. I think Asimov does this exceptionally well with the robot/artificial intelligence stories.

Anyway, just a quick introduction. I look forward to contributing to many discussions.

Howdy Eli,

Asimov's I, ROBOT is my favorite book of his, it's a shame that the Will Smith movie was only a showcase for high action and special effects, and not a thought proking film. I even thought the robots were unappealing, I hope to never see that movie ever again.

Anyway, welcome aboard and I hope you have a great time here, I do.