Hibernation - Classic SciFi Short Film


My name is Jon Mikel Caballero. I'm finishing the post-production of a short film called Hibernation. It's a sci-fi short film about an astronaut called Joseph, who is set to go where nobody has ever been before until something happens between him and his instructor Claire and suddenly the decisions are not so clear. The countdown has begun...


The short film is a tribute to all the great sci-fi from the 60's and 70's. It was completely produced with my savings and for my sincere love to science fiction. We shot it last september in Barcelona and we are about to finish it. We launched a crowdfunding initiative to achieve that and to complete this short movie.

Video for the campaign: http://vimeo.com/37798246

I wanted to ask you to help supporting if you like it or to help spreading the word to find interested people. I think there are people out there, but without help it's really difficult to find.

You can find all Information here VERKAMI (choose "English" on the top)

Thank you very much for giving it a chance. Hope you liked it.
Best regards,