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How my life relates to the characters on Alias

Discussion in 'Alias Fun' started by SpyBarbie007, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. SpyBarbie007

    SpyBarbie007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 28, 2002
    In front of my TV, watching guess what.
    I have a love life similar to Syd's. I fell hard for this one guy, Dmitri, and we actually went out for 3 years. Then he died--no I'm kidding he moved all the way to the other side of the US and I haven't talked to him for ever.

    I also have an "obsessed best friend" who is a lot like Will.

    I met up with an old friend, Russel and he and I were very flirty and there was a lot of sexual tension, until I killed him--jk, all the way.

    However, I have yet to find a Vaughn...booo hooo

    Do any of you relate to any of the characters?
  2. vavavavartan

    vavavavartan Captain

    Dec 13, 2002
    I realte to Sydney. There is this guy at school, and we share stlen glances. We were playing petanque one time and we both we looking at each other and forgot what we were supposed to be doing. he said that to me, and I say it to him. Is that cool/weird or what?
  3. agent hidden eyes

    agent hidden eyes Rocket Ranger

    Dec 6, 2002
    san diego,california
    i too can say i can relate to her... my father and i don't get along..
    hes kinda heartless like jack....
    exboyfriend was british..
    i have a close friend like francie
    have a guy friend thats interested in me but din't see him in tha way like will
    i'm a journalist like will
    and some other things i have to think about...to contin....
  4. ILuvMichael

    ILuvMichael Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    ok, my love life is so much like syd's it's absolutely crazy!

    i have a friend, his name is chris...he's kind of like the will in this scenario. he's told me he's loved me, but i just like him like a friend...and then there's the michael vaughn in the situation...and his name, i'm not joking, is mike.

    and i am absolutely head over heals for mike...he is the best guy in the world! but the really weird part, well, is we went out, but the trust was broken, and we broke up, and it's kind of weird because it sounds a lot like tonights episode...but we're friends now, we made up and everything, and who knows now, i'm really confused...

    and i have a best friend just like syd's, the francie in my life...her name's krystina, she's the best best friend a girl could find.

    and i could only imagine what syd's perspective at my age of her father would be...maybe a little like my dad...he's aways a lot, always on business trips, but we try to keep our bond tight, but sometimes it just doesn't work.

    but, who knows if this sounds anything like syd's life on Alias, because i sure don't
  5. SydB_JenG

    SydB_JenG Rocket Ranger

    Mar 1, 2003
    USA, Virginia/Utah
    I can't relate to any of the characters, I have no love life to compare to theirs and my life is all about Alias. I don't think any of the characters obsess over a TV show. I always wish I were Sidney or even just in the Alias "world" somehow...wish it could happen

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