vBulletin [How To] Where Do I Enable The Multi-Quote Feature?

I'm SO glad you asked! ;)

To enable the multi-quote feature:

  1. Log into your Admin Control Panel (ACP)
  2. Go To vBulletin Options
  3. On the right, click on Message Posting and Editing Options
  4. Scroll down to Multi-Quote Enabled, and select yes or no.
  5. You may also establish how many posts your members will be permitted to quote.
BEFORE you hit save... notice that there are a few other functions in here that you can set, as well! To name a few:
  • minimum/maximum characters per post
  • automatically quote the thread title in every reply
  • maximum number of images (smilies) permitted per post
  • minimum time (in seconds) between posts (this is to help deter spamming)
Hit Save!


Code Monkey
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Thanks for the tips! (y)

  • automatically quote the thread title in every reply
This one caught my attention because I forgot to do it here at vBUsers! Oops. From researching some of the recommended SEO techniques out there the automatic quoting of thread titles is a good thing to turn on because it help with your pages keyword content.

To clarify that statement... let's say you run a forum about pancakes (hhhhmm... pancakes! :D) and somebody starts a "How to make Blueberry Pancakes" thread. With the option turned on then your keywords of "Blueberry Pancakes" will now be in your pages content on each of the replies instead of just once in the first post. That's good because if somebody replied with "Yeah, I like mine with butter & syrup!" then a search engine (SE) bot would see "blueberry pancakes" once, "butter" once, and "syrup" once -- So what's the important keywords? To the bot each word may be of equal importance but if you turned on the automatic quoting then the SE bot would see "blueberry pancakes" twice, "butter" once, and "syrup" once. So what's the important keywords now? You got it, "blueberry pancakes" is now the emphasized set of keywords.

Now, of course, if you modified your vBulletin style to put the thread titles in H1 tags (see the top of this page below the navbar for an example :P) then "blueberry pancakes" would be seen by the SE bot as the page topic which is even better but having your important keywords highlighted by a a greater grouping can only help. ;)

{Anybody have a good recipe for pancakes? I'm suddenly craving some.... }
yeah I know it's a good thing SEO-wise. But to me it's irritating to see the thread title up there, lol. I usually delete it or type in my own title.

Why? *shrug*.. a streak of rebellion from my childhood?