In A Mirror, Darkly (ST:E) 04x18


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it didn't click when the titles were rolling, the new tune, the themed images. It all came together as the show was going along and when it finished i watched the titles again and got it properly.

yes, it's time to roll out the alternate universe again, get in the ultra violent Star Fleet universe and squeeze some more bang for buck scenes.

it's still hard to believe that the show is going to end very soon, the last two episodes have been above average and in a way the money behind the show doesn't appear to be handled correctly. is there no room in our universe for programming like this? some of the very best episodes of the entire franchise and where are the officially listed viewers that will give reason for the show to remain funded!

admittedly $3 million per episode is a pretty high price to pay for a tv series, but some of these episodes are better than feature films and us fans are the losers in the end.

cherish the last few episodes, what we see here is tv history in the making. the cast and crew were informed during filming of the second half of this two parter that the show was cancelled. i was wondering when the cast and crews dejection from this news might have any effect on the filom quality. if any, it will be from next episode onwards.


To be honest, this is the first episode where the actors/characters finally showed a lot of passion and range. Take away the empire aspects and this is what I expected to see from ENT from the beginning before the Federation. No set rules, only seat of the pants logic and solutions plus learn as you go. This alt universe wasn't as violent or chaotic as the one depicted in TOS. In fact it was fairly mild in comparision and could have easily been the ENT crew from the beginning.

The opening sequences/credits was way more interesting to watch and gave a more foreboding aspect to early space exploration where nothing is certain. Maybe use FC music, like fans wanted. Love seeing the TOS bridge again. Too bad ENT didn't copy a similar look and feel of it.

Archer is still a bit on the weak side, maybe Forrest should have been ENT's captain instead. Forrest certainly looks and feels more like the traditional or prototype ST captain.

Reed should have like this from the beginning. A loose cannon with underlying or hidden sadistic characteristics. Would have been an interesting character to watch and follow. Major Hayes was like that.

Trip is still annoying but with the facial scars, it would be more characteristic of accidents and lack of adequate safety precautions typically found and experienced in early designs in either universe. Trip could have been the experienced but scarred engineer that viewers could have found sympathy for. Many fans feel the part should have been recast or dumped after the 1st season. Connor Trinneer's intepretation of Trip reminded many of someone you wanted to beat to a pulp with a baseball bat.

Both versions of Phlox are interesting and a credit to John Billingsley acting abilities.

Linda Park gets to expand her acting abilities in this episode and she takes every advantage.

T'Pol was a delight to watch in this episode. Doing things logically for the good of the ship and captain even at personal cost/consequences.

Too bad this episode wasn't shown in the 1st season. It could have been a road map to develop some of the characters and made them more interesting or even have the alt characters permanently stuck in the normal universe. Could you imagine the adjustments they would have to make and the stories that could have been told? It could have explained the comments made by future ST captains on why early captains were more aggressive in their dealings with other races. The alt ENT crew could have influenced early SF tactics by their successes and mistakes. Eventually they would be integrated and change their philosophy, but what a fun ride it could have been. It would be like watching a rebellious teenager growing up to be an adult. The concept would have easily connected with a new, younger generation of viewers but yet still satisfied long time ST fans. Overall, this episode was very enjoyable, believable, interesting, and engaging. It held the viewers attention all the way to the end.

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