The Dark Ones (Idea for a trilogy of sci-fi games)

If any of you are a member of Celtx Forums, you may have seen my previous posts on this topic. I have an idea for a trilogy of games, about a species of ruthless, brutish warrior like aliens, who are significantly more advanced than any other race in the galaxy. The only thing is, they vanished 500,000,000 years ago. And the last time they appeared, it was in a mysterious dimension known as X-001. The story begins when Captain John Maver and his crew of the Coallition warship Asaili, vanishes from our dimension after an explosion in a outpost in space. The trilogy of games would span across the story of:

Part 1: Asaili and her crew's arrival at X-001, and the journey to find a way back home. While doing this, they hear the story of the dark ones, and also the prophecy that they will return. Maver soon realises that if they do return, nothing will be able to stop them reaching Earth if Maver finds a way home. So he, The crew and the mysterious Slu'Mar attempt to find a way to stop the dark ones returning, or defeating them if they do. The Main antagonist of part 1 is a race of mercernary type aliens, led by the Legionaire.

Part 2: 4 years after the Legionaire's defeat, John Maver, and the remnants of his crew, are attacked by an Assassin, which killed the leader of the Slu'Mar (Cesck), and destroyed the Slu'Mar citadel. The crew, joined by the Slu'Mar army, track down the Assassin, only to find that the Assassin is the last member of The Legionaire's army, which has now joined with The Dark Ones. Now the prophecy has been proven to be accurate, the crew search for an army to fight the oncoming storm. The crew find a perfect army, the Palax, a race of cloned soldiers who agree to fight the Dark Ones, only if the crew help them defeat the Palax's enemy, The Turax, an equally powerful race who are laying seige the Palax. The Game ends with The Dark Ones returning to X-001. The Main Antagonist for Part 2 is Turax.

Part 3: Immediatly after the Turax's defeat and the Dark Ones Arrival, the battle for X-001 begins. Maver realises that they have been led into the perfect trap. He, His crew and his army have spent so much time gathering followers, they never gathered information on the dark ones and the mystery surrounding them. Maver Realises that the dark ones are to powerful to be fought head on, and sees several planets, including the Slu'Mar and Palax home worlds. In a desperate attempt for survival, Maver and the crew are forced to leave the army behind (to buy the crew time) and find a way to destroy the Dark Ones once and for all. In their search, the crew find how The Dark Ones appeared in X-001. A massive wormhole in the centre of X-001. The crew travel through the worm hole, and begin searching the nearby planets for info. The crew find a hologramon a nearby planet, which tells them the dark ones are actually called the Nyraxians. And that in order to defeat them, they have to kill their leader, Skorn, who has tied the very essence of the Nyraxian army's life force to his soul. The Hologram also tells them that they will find Skorn in the flagship, Ravager. The crew attempts to the leave planet, but are attacked by the hologram's robotic security force. After the hologram's defeat, they crew board the Ravager, and engage Skorn for the final battle. After Skorns defeat, the Nyraxian army simply vanish, and the crew use the wormhole techonology to return back to earth. When they arrive, it is 200 years in the future, and the coalition has failed, and has been replaced with the Alliance of Man. The game ends with Maver and his crew arriving back on earth.

I Will post the ideas in more detail later.
seems really interesting GreyWolf _.
seems to be "well-packed" and "gripping" storyline ! lots of meat !

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It does seem to be like it borrows a lot of the concepts that played out in the Mass Effect series. You approach the problem of presenting the "impending and overwhelming" doom in much the same way Bioware did in ME, use the same "protagonist" role, have a very similar situation at play and very similar players involved, but you've added another dimension to the equation.

The Dark Ones are akin to the Reavers. The Tulax seem to play the role of the Collectors in the second game, and the Legionaire as the Geth "archetype" in the first. The Palax are very much akin to the tube-grown Korgan, and the Tulax occupy the same position in relation to the Krogan as the Turians do in ME. The coalition is very similar to The Council.

Whether this was your intention or not it is what I see and feel. The problem you have is that, if you didn't intend the similarity (and I'm going to assume you didn't (you may never have played or heard of Mass Effect before)), I think it's something other people are likely to reflect on and I don't think that is a good thing.

It's well constructed and cook make for an interesting game, but I fear the essential and fundamental premise was done before in the Mass Effect series.
Details on The Legionaire:

Name: Marcus Lancaster
Species: Human
Plan: Originally Asaili's Second in Command, Lancaster hated the idea of being trapped in X-001. After meeting a mysterious member of the Slu'Mar, Lancaster faked his death, and took on the Persona of the legionaire. His "Masters" told him to distract Maver and the crew from the Dark Ones Legend, and focus him on The Legionaire, which they planned would lead to Maver's Death. His army of mercenaries, and fleet, were provided by his "Masters", in order for the plan to succeed.

First seen: Act 2 - The Mercernaries Chapter 5 - The Order

Maver will confront The Legionaire at the end of the first game. Will the "Masters" succeed in their plan?


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By any chance, was the premise influenced by the the old Babylon 5 TV series? The opening description reminded me a lot of the B5's Shadows and how the series dealt with ancient prophecies of the Shadows returning.
No, i have honestly never watched babylon 5. I know that the whole idea of the prophecy coming true is an old tale. But, although i have not fully explained the full story, i think that i have given it a twist in the tale.

The Main inspirations for this were:

Star Trek
Mass Effect, Yes i know the Dark Ones seem largely similar to the Reapers, although i will explain later why they are they very different to them.
The Vampire Diaries TV Show.
Info Pack: Eseri

Species: Slu'Mar
Affiliation: The Masters
Known Partners: The Legionaire

Mission: A spy for the Masters, she monitors the situation in X-001, mainly Maver's progress in building a resistance against The Dark Ones. She is responsible for turning Marcus into The Legionaire. Maver will confront her in Part 2 and 3.
The Name has changed to Asaili Chronicles.

Part 1:

The crew of the Asaili, a hi tech war bird commisioned by the Republic of Humanity, recieves a distress call from a nearby space station, warning that they are under attack. The Asaili immediatly responds to the call. But when the ship docks, the crew finds that there is no sign of attack, and even stranger.... No record of a distress call, or even a crew! Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Captain John Maver orderws his crew to investigate. When the crew reach the bridge, The station explodes.

The crew awake to find them selves on a desert planet, with a huge citidel in the distance. Maver (The Playable Character) and his crew attempt to reach the citidel, as Asaili is to badly damaged from the explosion to the travel, but oddly enough, none of the crew are injured. Marcus Lancaster, Second in Command, is shot by raiders, causing an all out battle against the raiders.

More to come.