Season 4 Jack was incredibly expressive


Apr 26, 2004
OK...first let me apologize if I accidentally use examples from both eppies! :shamefullyembarrased:

I just have to comment on how great Jack was tonight. I loved watching him...his lines were great, but his expressions were priceless! Here are some of my favorites:

When he sees Irina right after she is rescued.
When he comes and gets her at APO.
Really...any time he is with her.
When Irina says about Nadia being exceptional..."I wonder where she gets that from"
In the airplane as he looks at his little girs right after Vaughn proposes.
During the whole "are we on coms?" bit and he says "yes, you're both on coms" OMG...he and Marshall's expressions were both hilarious! :LOL:
Oh and his expression when he and Irina were talking and she apologized for her "indescretion" w/ Arvin. Jack's face was priceless as he questioned why of all the things she had done she would apologize for that. The whole exchange had an affectionate tone to it...almost playful. I loved it!

Anyway I just had to comment on how priceless so many of just the man's facial expressions were tonight.....that man can act!!! :cool:


Feb 3, 2005
Making His Day
Yeah. I almost forgot who I was watching. Apparently, Irina brings out the best (or worst) in Jack. They are so perfect together! My favorites were when he smiled after she apologized for sleeping with Sloane and then when he smiled at Syd on the plane. So wonderful.


Mar 13, 2005
oh yeah, he was really emotional, and in that scene, where he shot the double, before he did so it looked as if he had tears in his eyes.

so from tears to a real bright smile.


Jan 12, 2005
New York
I think learning that Irina is alive really cracked that cold emotional front he's been putting up. He'd been regretting it and it was eating him up inside. At the same time, it's almost like killing her brought to an end his feeling of hurt, betrayal and anger, allowing him to return to those more happy and tender feelings we saw in Mirage.

And yes I have to say, VG is a great actor!!! :jump:


Feb 8, 2005
I LOVE Jack.

Im expecting my third child, and if it's a boy, Ive already told my husband that we will be calling him Jack. Sure, its a cute diminutive form of the first name John we will use, but I just gotta say that the reason I wanna use it is because of Jack Bristow.

In another funny coincidence, one of our top two girl name pics is Victoria!! :) And that one had nothing to do with me, it's DH's favorite name. So either way, I get to honor the fine Mr. Garber :)

I truly adore when we get to see his elfish grin, and it's always just for a split second, but he's just so adorable! Spydaddy is my hero!

My favorite spydaddy scene from this eppy was when he smiled adoringly at Sydney after the proposal just long enough for us all to get warm fuzzies.



Jun 4, 2003
Got to love Jack. The one thing I like about Jack the most is that he will do anything to protect his daughter. He was awesome in these 2 episodes.
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