Jennifers Wig

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I dont know if it was at All-Alias or not but I saw somewhere that you can see Sydneys wig somewhere in Orlando does anyone know exactly where this is. I believe it was somewhere in Walt disney world.(sorry if this post isn't where it belongs). THANKS :redhair:


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well i would assume they might have some props up in Disney world cuz they shoot on the abc disney lot soooo lol but i have no idea where it is exactly... sorry :(
Thanks for replying. Please send me the video so I can see it may help. I just remember on some message board they showed a picture someone took of her wig on a manachin (?) and it had a script next to it that was signed.They said it was somewhere in Orlando but I cant remember exactly where. aim: is jr mountaineer9. thanks

I did have the picture but I dont know where it is the wig picture
I've seen the wig before. It's in Disney's MGM Studios in the ABC Comminsary Restaurant. You walk in the main doors and it's on your left plant-ish median thingy. Trust me, you'll see it right away if you go. ;)

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