Legend of the Seeker

Azhria Lilu

So, this series is based upon Terry Goodkind's series - The Sword of Truth - fabulous books, I love them.
I watched the first 2 episodes of this last night and while they've casted the characters well, they've torn the initial story apart. I'm not sure if I can put the books in the back of my mind while watching it:(

Thing is, if I hadn't read the books, I'd be really enjoying the show.. so I'm gonna try!!!
"The Legend of the Seeker" show premiered on November 1, 2008 in Canada and the US. I watch it regularly.
It's okay to watch if there's nothing better to do at that time.

It's not terrible like Sam Raimi's "Jack of All Trades" that starred Bruce Campbell.

It's more like "The Adventures of Sinbad" TV series from 1996-1998. Do you remember that show?
Jack of All Trades was a very tongue-in-cheek Action/Adventure series that attempted to ride the coattails of Hercules and Xena. I found it to be awful.

From Wikipedia: Jack of All Trades is a half-hour long syndicated comedy/action television series which ran for two seasons in 2000. With Cleopatra 2525, it formed the Back2Back Action Hour and both shows were notable for being the first American non-animated action series to be produced in the half-hour format since the 1970s. The show was canceled in the middle of its second season.

The program is set at the turn of the 19th Century on the fictional French-controlled island of Palau-Palau. Jack Stiles is an American secret agent sent there by President Jefferson. While there, he meets his British contact and love interest, English spy Emilia Rothschild. Together, the two work to stop Napoleon and various other threats to the United States. To the public, Jack is seen as Emilia's servant (she sometimes serves as his), but when the need arises, he transforms into a masked hero: the Daring Dragoon.

The show contained many on-going gags, such as deliberate historical inaccuracies (such as Canada being a French territory rather than part of the British Empire), Jack being responsible for many important historical events but not receiving credit, Emilia inventing a miraculous invention in an obvious deus ex machina, and Jack and Emilia's ongoing romantic tension. In many ways, the show was meant to be a historical fantasy in the vein of The Wild Wild West.

As the show's producer and star, Bruce Campbell had an opportunity to use many one-liner jokes for which he is known.

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