Long-Term Gov't Projects To Put America Back To Work


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Post your ideas for Government projects that would put Americans back to work. Shoot for 50 - 100 year projects


This mega-structure would be a next step to the national highway and rail system.


The main conduit would transverse the continent with spurs.
Each spur would have a mega-hub and each terminal a mega-terminal.
Highway and rail systems would spur off of the terminals.
The main conduit would have a non-stop mag-train system for high-speed
coast to coast transport. Each Spur would have state spurs and hubs.
The hub system would be two-way.

In the below diagram I show possible placement and design of each conduit section.
Its not to scale or completely shown but it suggests the layout of possibilities. Switching stations and people platforms, terminal structures
and section sub-structures are not shown.
Again - this is a quick drawing, not to scale and not complete.


I chose a squashed circle as the shell because it will be strong
and adaptive to tunneling projects.

There are 3 main sections with room for a 4th section for future expansion needs.

The top section is the Maintenance Deck.
Here you would find:

Maintenance Transportation Platform - This is the main platform housing the maintenance trains, trucks and commuter traffic.
This platform would be linked at the spurs and run the length of the entire national conduit.

Quarters - Maintenance workers, support workers & residential housing. Also business and office spaces.
All linked via pedestrian tunnels.

Main Power Conduit - Houses the power supply facilities and main cable trunks needed to power the systems.
Solar collectors and wind turbines on the outer shell could contribute to the power supply.
The main conduit would have maintenance access tunnels and various platforms.

Communications Conduits - Hardwire communications insulated from utility and power conduits.
Access for maintenance via platforms and catwalks.

Utility Conduits - HVAC, Water & Sewer systems.
Maintenance access via trunks on the outside of the shell.

The center section is the Main Transport Deck.
Here you would find:

High-Speed Train Deck - Two to four omni-directional high-speed bullet or mag-lev trans-continental passenger transport trains.
Emergency and Support facilities.

Hub Train Decks - Interchange hub linking passenger trains or
mag-levs running the full conduit but allowing spur and hub exchanges.
These would link to the existing train networks across the country via terminals.
There would be no access to the high speed trans-continental conduit
as it would be non-stop from seaboard to seaboard.
The hub system would allow trans-continental passage
but at a lower speed with spur stops and exchanges.

Highway Hub Decks - Crash avoidance highway system with rest stops and refueling stations.
Could be obsolete by the time construction is completed
at which time the spaces would be utilized for new technology.

The bottom section is the Freight Deck.
Here you would find:

High-Speed Freight Train Deck - Two to four omni-directional high-speed bullet or mag-lev trans-continental freight transport trains.
Emergency and Support facilities.
Very similar to the passenger deck above but heavy-duty construction

Hub Freight Train Decks - Similar to the above Hub Train Decks but heavy-duty.

Highway Hub Freight Decks - Highway system designed for current trucking industry.
Could be obsolete by the time construction is completed
at which time the spaces would be utilized for new technology.


Create a National Maintenance Department where people can register their names and resumes for jobs.

Use federally funded, state regulated and locally positioned entities staffed by qualified registrants from the above department to initiate projects, control spending and supervise work.

National maintenance projects:

Purchase, raze, clean and restore obsolete factories around the nation. Restoring industrial wastelands to natural environments. Constructing low-price housing, small business and recreational facilities on the recovered land. Resell these structures and facilities to the American people.

Purchase, raze, clean and restore abandoned buildings and lots in America's cities. Construct urban farming facilities, solar collectors and other demographically needed facilities. Resell these structures and facilities to the American people.

Bury all power & communication lines across the country. Remove all telephone and power poles and structures. Route the conduits along the roads and highways. Repair roads and highways as needed. Install solar collectors on highway medians where feasible.

Build city to city public transportation rails or mag-lev systems for high speed city to city travel. Upgrade existing railroad network. Ban river transport of freight and restore river systems.



I can think of quite a few supermegastructures that would keep America working for many years.

1. A Border Wall & Processing Facility on the US-Mexican Border.
Build a structure that secures the border and has buildings and offices within it for processing immigrants. In addition, much of the wall structure could be converted into high security prisons. Not talking about a fence wall, This thing would be a mile wide, ten stories high, ten stories deep and stretch the length of the US-Mexico border.

2. Desert Greenhouse Complex in the US deserts.
This mega structure would be a series of greenhouse complexes built in the US deserts for food crop production. Solar panels provide power along with applicable wind turbines. Rail/mag trains would then ship product to the cities. Condensation would be recycled for fresh water source and piped to cities.

3. Floating Port Cities along the Pacific and Atlantic Seaboards
Huge floating cities that provide ports and landing strips located off the coast of the United States. Along the lines of the Freedom Ship only bigger. Completely mobile, these cities could be moved out of harms way or moved to specific coordinates as needed. Could double as oceanic research or resource facilities.

4. United States Recycling Center.
This megastructure, positioned in the desert is where 100% of all trash is moved to for recycling. Everything gets recycles instead of buried in landfills. Giant separation facilities separates the types of trash. Example: organic waste is mulched and shipped to the Desert Greenhouses, Gasses are captured and bottled for fuel, plastics are bundled and shipped to manufacturers, etc...