Making money for driving. I'm wondered....

Hi! I have read livejournals of different people and found one interesting post.

The main idea is that a lot of companies pays for driving their cars or sponsors your car.
I think, it's great!!! You can do your daily driving tasks and earn money!!! You can easily compensate car costs(fuel, etc.)

You can read details in this blog:

What do you think about it???


That site looks flashy, but what they don't tell you is there's a 40$ application fee, and just like with colleges it's nonrefundable if you get denied kiddies. And who decides if you get denied? The company.

Can you say ripoff Johnstern? 'Cause I can!


They can make that join button text HUGE, but for some reason they can't figure out how to do the same to the subscription fee, how convenient.


What? Applying? I'm paying 39.95$ to apply? Uh, no thanks.
I know that there are legit companies that will give (i.e. buy you a new car) and cover it with their logos, as long as you drive it a certain amount of hours a month.

Sometimes they'll pay for gas, sometimes not.

As far as finding them, well that's probably another story.


Remove me from your list!

Ok, that'll be $39.95 + tax, and if you would like us to not send your name and identity to 40 million other companies when we remove you from our own list, that will be another $149.95 + tax.</hypothetical>

Sounds like a lot of phishy stories to me.

~ Jaraeth


That kinda reminds me of ACN.

The biggest scam on the world = ACN. In fact I'm going to make a post on ACN now.
My post has been edited by an admin because he realized I am the same person who started this topic under a different username! Oh boy. :Ph34r:


You know, that this thread - an advertisement - was started by a user with only 1 post seems to me to be very suspicious.



could be :) or a live spammer. Wouldn't be the first time forums got hit by spammers wanting to drive people to their websites.

~ Jaraeth