Mind Altering Drugs

Excerpts from the above linked article
Three areas that are attracting attention are movement and endurance, attention and learning, and moods. Medicines such as anabolic steroids can already make people stronger, swifter and more enduring.
Health: Messing With Our Minds ; Want to Improve Your Mental Ability, Boost Concentration and Even Neutralise Painful Memories? There's a New Generation of Drugs to Help You, Says Jeremy Laurance
A memory drug might cause subjects to remember too much detail, cluttering the mind, for example. Martha Farah, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, says: "The brain was designed by evolution over millennia to be well adapted because of the lives we lead. We are better served by being able to focus on the essential information than being able to remember every little detail. We meddle with these designs at our peril."

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