whts your favorite insterment

  • guitat

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • piano

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  • flute

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  • violin

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  • trumpet

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  • hermonica

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  • other

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Dec 28, 2004
mystery_chick said:
i swear, my friends say i like my instruments more than i like them because i always smack their hands when they try to touch them.  ^_^

I wish i could do that... but i play the bassoon, and half the time the bell on my instrument is too tight so i have to hold one end while someone else twists off the other... but I ALWAYS have the fragile end myself, and make sure they don't bend anything.

I voted flute (i play that too) but if i could say bassoon, i'd put that... if you hear a really good musician playing one, they produce an absolutely gorgeous sound... you just don't hear it very often, as most people don't get past the farting bedpost stage... doesn't help it stop being an endangered species though :(


Dec 3, 2003
:love: cello :love: double bass :love:
i actually love my cello. my dad tries to carry it for me when i have other stuff and i'm like "No! Don't touch my baby!!!" i actually named it too... (he's called Quinn).
and my double bass... i love to listen to double bass and play too... :love: (played really well they are gorgeous... i just gotta play better lol!) anywho... my rambling is over.
i picked other ;)
May 2, 2004
i have to go with piano, my dear instrument. :) i've played it for so long and it's beautiful and really useful in different situations. hard to carry around though. :blink: that's the bad thing with it.
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