My First Novel

Hi, I have just released my book on kindle and I am trying to drum up interest and find interested readers. Hopefully some reviews will lead to better writing in the future. In any case, thanks for looking at this post and if you know anyone that is interested in Adventure Sci-fi with action, let them know if you can. The synopsis is this:

Mandrania was to be a place to create peace between four warring races but just as negotiations were beginning to progress, the galaxy was silenced. No communication to any off world base, ship or planet could be initiated and it all happened at the same time. Everybody pointed the finger and war between the four colonies broke out. Now six years later, with the death toll reducing the colonies to hundreds, one last base with off world communications capability is in the hands of the Jandar. The others want it, and will kill to get to it. The ensuing chaos reveals espionage, emotional turmoil and physical limitations but ultimately it will prove to be just a small cog in an approaching evil, a mysterious silent force that caused the trouble in the beginning. What is it? Nobody knows. Desolate is the first action instalment of the Silent Saga, which will reach into the heart and reveal darkness and will play on fears so simple, yet so influential, eerie and; Silent!!

The Silent Saga brings old style B-Movie thrills and straight-to-dvd fun to a book.

The link to the book is

Thanks for your time and any questions, be sure to ask. I'm learning so it may not be a prize winner but I am confident in the story and I hope someone on this forum would have a look and review it however critical or complimentary.

Thanks Again
David Whelan