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Jul 30, 2011
Oakland, California
wassup people. I have an awesome screenplay I just finished. Its sci-fi of course, called DYNASTY of ORI. Im posting it shortly. I want feed back when you finish reading.
After the death of his father, a son inherits the throne of a sacred alien dynasty only to discover a dark secret his father took to his grave, his love child. Enraged with hatred and a despise for his fathers deception, the new found emperor orders the imperial guard, an alien machine, to terminate his half-blood sibling, leading to a hot pursuit into deep space. Now on Earth after a cosmic phenomenon engulfs them both, the exile seeks an alliance with a top notch scientist Lorna Shire, whose latest development proves to be a vital asset in an attempt to stop the machine from destroying him and anything that gets in its way. Two beings. Two different worlds. One mission. Dynasty of Ori

Starbeast from Planet X

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Sep 19, 2009
Illinois, planet Earth
Ay starbeast, I like that you have that marvel character, Thanos . thats hella clean! im a big marvel fan.

I became a Marvel Comics fan in the late 1960's when I watched the Marvel superhero cartoons: Hulk, Capt. America, Spiderman, Thor, Prince Namor the Submariner and Iron Man.

And Thanos is still one of my favorite villians. In this Thanos tribute video, you'll see him at the grave site of the original Captain Marvel (0:37).