Official Movies Collection for Xbox360

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An Old Friend
Fired up SharpReader and this is the first feed that came up.
Knowing how everone likes game trailers and such I had to share this with ya!
The feedsite is the post is from Steve Parker
He links you to GamersHel l With a list of 12 movies.

Condemned: Criminal Origins (72.41mb)
Dead Rising (100.46mb)
Demonik (84.59mb)
EA Compilation (122.18mb)
Final Fantasy XI (109.49mb)
Frame City Killer (105.77mb)
Ghost Recon 3 (100.84mb)
Kameo: Elements of Power (83.99mb)
Madden NFL 2006 (65.89mb)
NBA 2K6 (88.16mb)
NHL 2K6 (88.92mb)
Saint's Row (147.64mb)

Some of theses movies are bigger than most demos! I gots to remember to include BlueRay technology in my next PC!

I didn't get the link locations for all of them but I did give you the link to GamersHel l so you can get the movies you want.