Possession at Bradley Nowell's Grave


If your a fan of visiting celebrity graves California offers a haunting tour of the most elite ghost in Hollywood. One of which happens to be the lead singer of Sublime, Bradley Nowell. Once when I was younger an ex boyfriend had dared me to visit Bradley's gravesite late one night and "hang out" for a bit in the cemetery where his gravestone was. It was something that I knew some of the kids in school had done and I didn't want to chicken out so I eagerly agreed and got ready for a picnic in the cemetery at night. "How can it be scary?" I thought, after all not only was it something that others have already done without fear and it seemed kind of romantic to have a picnic under the stars and the moon on a field alone so I didn't think much of it when I agreed.
After driving around the cemetery and looking for somewhere to sneak in from we finally found an opening in the fence at the far end of the cemetery and decided to boldly go in.
At first it was exciting and cool to break into a cemetery to visit a celebrity gravesite but as we began to walk past the graves I began to feel a sudden change in temperature which was noticeable considering the fact that it was a hot summer night. The hair on my back began to stand up and I started to hear faint whispers as if a lot of people where talking all at the same time but from really far away. Not wanting to show my sudden uncomforted level I tried to tell myself that it was all in my head and I was just wigging myself out. Just then my boyfriend at the time who was holding my hand and going in front of me stopped looked at me in the eye and said "shhhh.... do you hear that?"
"Yeah" I confirmed
"Are you scared do you want to continue?"
"its probably just people from the golf course next to the cemetery" I said
"yeah your right" he agreed
although we both weren't fully convinced that was true and we knew it. I knew it was pretty late and I didn't even know if the golf course was open at that time. "Maybe we weren't the only ones in the cemetery?" I thought to myself but we saw no one else for as far as the eye could see and we where already pretty far away from the golf course. The whispers continued and felt close but sounded far away. We both agreed to keep going and see this thing through. After all what could the dead do right?
Now this cemetery is one of the less creepy ones instead of having old withered headstones that rise above the graves all the headstones are on the floor so when you drive by it simply looks like a big empty field with lots of trees and a few mausoleums here and their. The only statues to be found where purely decorative and for the most part during the day it actually looks like a beautiful garden which is why we thought a picnic would seem nice and romantic on a hot summer night.
When we arrived to his gravesite we sat down to talk and enjoy our picnic. However it stayed cold and an eerie fog began to cover the floor of the cemetery so that it looked like we where sitting in the middle of a huge cloud. As we talked and laughed and giggled I slowly began to let my guard down again.
"I was simply psyching myself out" I tried to convince myself but somehow I couldn't shake the feeling that we weren't alone that night. Then it happened...
Slowly throughout the conversation my boyfriend at the time started to seem different and by different I mean his face looked different. He started to complain about getting sudden hot flashes but I on the other hand was experiencing cold flashes, really cold actually and something about his countenance just seemed off. Then he started talking about himself in the past tense and asking me questions about myself I knew he already knew the answers too. I began to suspect that at some point I stopped talking to my boyfriend and started talking to someone else.
The hair on my back was on end. It suddenly hit me, we where in a cemetery all alone at night where their was no one alive for blocks except us and I wasn't even sure if I was talking to who I had originally come into to the cemetery with. I felt suddenly scared and alone.
"I was like you once" he said.
"yeah?" I asked
He started to go on about how I shouldn't end up like him about how he made a lot of mistakes in the past and how it got him where he was at today. Now I know that may seem like a regular conversation but it wasn't he kept talking about himself in the past tense as if he had died then coming in and out of consciousness as if he was being possesed. His countenance would change and his voice would change and he would talk to me as if he was meeting me for the first time. Then he would seem like himself again and not be able to recall what we where just talking about. During one of these changes he looked at me and could tell that I was thoroughly creeped out, It didn't look like him it didn't sound like him it didn't feel like him but I wasn't scared of being harmed I was scared of what was going on. I wasn't sure what was going on I wanted to believe so bad he was trolling me but the whispers persisted and started to grow louder and I couldn't stand the temperature finally I tell him I am done and want to leave, but I didn't tell my boyfriend I told the entity that was possesing him.
He seemed a bit disappointed that I wanted to leave but understanding at the same time. He tried to encourage me to stay and that nothing bad would happen but I could not stay any longer something was off really off and if I was being trolled I wanted it to be over and out of their. He held out his hand and said he would escort me out I couldn't help but think that it was someone elses hand I was about to take. I reached out and touched his icy cold hands. How can they be cold if he is complaining about hot flashes?
When we where finally out of the cemetery I instantly felt a change in temperature again the whispers where gone and I thought "Thank God, finally I'm safe" but his hand was still cold and when we stopped at the car to drive away he turned around to look at me and to my surprise even outside of the cemetery and under a brightly lit streetlamp I could see the difference in countenance on his face still.
I major in studio arts, and light logic is a pretty basic understanding and study for an artist. The way that light falls on an object and cast shadows on the face is something that comes with a basic rule of thumb. ANYONE who has studied art can tell you this but facing a direct light source this guys face was entirely light on one side and shadow on the other. It is logically impossible for the shadow to even exist in the way it did when facing a direct light source like the way I saw on his face that night. Everything I knew as fact from my studies seemed to defy me at this moment. I asked him specifically to look at the street light knowing by heart how light logic should fall on his face from that light source but something even stranger happened. his face showed NO logical light logic pattern despite the fact that he was staring at a direct light source on purpose I could see that half of his face was still oddly covered in a shadow. Not just bits of his cheek or darker in some areas than others NO it was all one very dark shade all over only on one side of his face and the other was strangely bright. No matter where he looked or how he moved the shadows didn't move the way they should have in fact they didn't move at all it was a direct line right down the middle of his face difference between light and dark despite the logical light source. I told him about it and his response was simple "really? huh."
The drive home was a little weird too he wasn't listening to the music he usually listened too he was listening to different bands and songs that he NEVER actually played before. When we got home I felt extremely tired we got back to my room where I felt safe turned on some music and decided to take a nap. My boyfriend at the time still didn't seem like he was back to normal whoever I was talking to if he had followed from the cemetery didn't scare me. In fact I kind of trusted him I even reached out to touch his face in amazement at how the light logic still managed to fail on his face. When we awoke a few hours later my boyfriend had a huge headache and couldn't remember how he got their. He said that he remembered coming to and fro at the cemetery and everything else seemed like a blur. He couldn't remember half of our conversation and his face was back to light logic normal. A few months later while hanging out in my room again randomly his face countenance changed again and this time with a smile as if he was glad to see me again. In truth I was a bit glad to see him again too.
I didn't want to know who or what it was I think he just wanted to feel normal for a bit and I wasn't scared in my room. We talked about our favorite bands which where different than the bands I knew my boyfriend like and a few other things I can't recall anymore. Again my boyfriend at the time claimed to experience hot flashes and memory loss in conversation.
Now before you go off and say "yeah right like Bradley's Ghost haunted you pshha" I am going to tell you right now I don't think it was him. From what I gathered it was an older young guy maybe mid 20s early 30s who had passed away tragically somehow but I don't think it was from an overdose like Brad. I just had this feeling that it wasn't him that is was someone else who also happened to be a sublime fan back in the day. I gathered that he had died without being married or having kids which is something I know Bradley had done so NO although it would have been cool to hang out with one of your fav. celebrities from beyond the grave I gathered enough information to piece that it wasn't him. I could tell that this time around my boyfriend was starting to feel uncomfortable with what was happening and I told the entity that it was nice to hang out and meet him but that it wasn't fair to keep meeting like this after all he was using someone else body to communicate without permission and he seemed to understand what I was saying. We said our goodbyes and fell asleep together again. We didn't make out or anything he just held me, he was cold again and when he awoke he seemed back to his normal self. This time tho I didn't go into detail about what had happened. I just told him he seemed a bit off and wanted to rest and that was it. I was never visited by this entity again or if I was I have been unaware of it. I have visited Bradley's grave again since many times but only during the day once supper excited that I myself was starting to do shows as well and I wanted to thank him for his inspiration but I never felt anything that weird in that cemetery again.