Quantum Mechanics

Just want to see your thoughts. The possibility of other lifeforms or the way a black hole is formed just amazes me. The Earth is the planet with the perfect conditions for life...the odds that there are other planets out there similar to Earth are great (or other life forms that evolved on a different type of Terrain).

Also, I feel that since our species are only about 1,000's of years old, there are races that are over billions of years old...that being said, we probably have something in our brain that needs to be unlocked to understand the communication from these races. It would be like a human trying to explain to a baby how to build a bridge or something...just amazes me.

And on that note, with black holes, it terrifies me! The way a star through orbit can be sucked through into nothing but dark matter, it just scares the felgercarb out of me. Another thing is that I read from Steven Hawkins that there are different types of black holes. One type (and I forgot the name) is about a nickel big. If someone were to just even hover above it, time would be relevant to the situation making the person age to death in over seconds. The hole is so dense that it is able to make its own "time".

I dont know about you guys, but that scares and interests me altogether :eek:


Whats truly amazing IS Steven Hawking! The guy should have been dead (thank goodness he didn't) years ago from his condition. The amount of work he accomplished in such a state is incredible and he's quite the credit to our race IMO.

Black holes are a thing of wonder...or theoretical wonder atleast. Since no one has ever actually witnessed first hand such an anomaly. But I guess if physics says they exists they must.