Hello, I am a student at Cal State Fullerton. For my American Studies class I have been assigned a research paper on the topic of fandom. I chose to write about fans of science fiction. If you choose please fill out my questionnaire, it would be a great help.

Please try to answer the questions in as much detail as possible, but keep in mind you are not pressured to divulge any information you do not wish to. However, your identity will remain anonymous anyway.

What is you age?

What is your current or highest level of education?

Are you currently employed? If not currently employed, include most recent employment.

How were you first introduced to science fiction? Describe this event in as much detail as possible (what was the piece of science fiction you were exposed to, who was involved, what emotions were evoked).

Were you a fan immediately? If not, recount when your fandom began.

What forms of science fiction media do you use (film, television, literature, radio programs etc.)?

Which is your favorite form of science fiction media, and why?

Estimate how many pieces of media (films, books etc.) you own currently or in the past.

Estimate how many non-media (collectibles, memorabilia, posters etc.) science-fiction items you own
currently or in the past.

Where do you find new sources for science fiction? How are you referred to new books, films etc.?

Do you now, or have you ever been a member of any science fiction based fan club or community?

Do you contribute to science fiction based internet forums or other science fiction centered discussion groups? (Obviously you do) How often?

Have you ever, do you plan to, or regularly attend science fiction based meetings, conventions or other community based gatherings? If you have please explain the experience. If you plan to, explain your desire to. If you have no desire to explain your reasoning.

What, if any, scrutiny have you faced based on your fandom?

What social benefits do you reap from science fiction?

What is it about science fiction that intrigues you?

What is your favorite piece (author, director, book, film, series etc.) of science fiction?

What is it about this piece that makes it your favorite?

Name a piece of science fiction that you personally believe, would be a classic representation of science fiction?

How does science fiction media affect your personal life?

How has science fiction media affected everyday life?

Please include any other information you feel is important, but my questions may have missed.