Fandom Questionnaire

Hello there,
My name is Alex Kay, I'm a Sci-fi fan and Digital Media Student. I was wondering if anyone out there could please take some time to complete the following questionnaire for me, as it forms a vital part of my studies. If you could respond to it either via a comment or a private message then that would be fantastic. Thanks :D

Web 2.0 and Fandom Questionnaire

Alexander Kay: 2012

What main Media Texts (TV Shows, Comic Books, Video Games, Cartoons, Anime/Manga, Movies, Other) would you say, you are a fan of?

Have you ever created any fan produced content (E.g. Fan fiction, Fan art, fan videos, fan wikis, etc)? If so, what prompted you to do this and what did you hope to achieve?

Do you engage with fan produced content? If so, what form does it take and why and where do you engage with it? E.g. writing a fan fiction on to explore an alternate ending to a TV series?

What do you think is the appeal of fan produced content?

Are you a member of an online forum dedicated to a particular object of fandom (celebrity, film/TV series, etc)? Why did you join and what has your experience been like?

Have you ever encountered any online abuse when you have been on an online forum? Can you recall a specific incident?

What are your views on fans producing and distributing fan created content through the internet? Also what are your thoughts on the potential issues of copyright (E.g. using someone else’s creations in a piece of fan art)?

What do you think are the good and bad points of online forums and websites that encourage creativity such as: YouTube,, DeviantART, etc, for those involved in fandom?

Have you encountered or been involved with any instances of spoiling (revealing significant (and usually secret) elements of a TV series, film, book, etc, i.e. spoilers) online? What was the experience like?

Do you feel that fans have the right to post spoilers online? Do you think it ruins or enriches the experience of being a fan?

Do you think it is good or bad for fans to have access to celebrities and creative teams through the internet? (E.g. following writers/directors on Twitter) Do you follow a creative professional online, and for what reason? (E.g. writer, actor, musician, etc)

Have you ever been involved with signing a petition online or become part of an online campaign? Can you explain your motivation behind doing so?

Do you think that Web 2.0 has given fans a larger say in the creative decisions made for the products of their fandom, and if so, what are your views on it?

If you could change one thing about online fandom what would it be?

Web 2.0:
the internet viewed as a medium in which interactive experience, in the form of blogs, wikis, forums, etc, plays a more important role than simply accessing information