quote of the day 27,28 and 29


Avoid A Void
havent been able to post till now, so here is three days worth of quotes. enjoy!

Where there are no men, there cannot be motives accessible to men.
—Stanislaw Lem, Solaris (1961), translated by Joanna Kilmartin and
Steve Cox (1970)

He recalled an earlier hope he had had of [the aliens]: that they might be
superior beings, beings of wisdom and enlightened power, coming from a
better society where higher moral codes directed the activities of its citizens.
He had thought that only to such a civilization would the divine gift of
traveling through interplanetary space be granted. But perhaps the opposite
held true: perhaps such a great objective could be gained only by species
ruthless enough to disregard more humane ends.
—BrianW. Aldiss, ‘‘The Saliva Tree’’ (1965)

[Dr. McCoy on tribbles:] The nearest thing I can figure out is that they’re
born pregnant. It seems to be a great timesaver . . .
—David Gerrold, ‘‘The Trouble with Tribbles,’’ episode of Star Trek (1967)