Rise of the Third Son, A new novel

Let me tell you guys about an amazing book! This one is on its way to being a best seller already! It's called Rise of the Third Son and it is the first novel in quite a Sci Fi epic. Here is the synopsis, and the link to read it on Amazon is below

The prophecies are coming true
Dare to believe
Dare to join the cause
Dare to fight
The day of the Third Son has come

There is a prophecy from distant times. It says that the Third Son will rise after the second purging and unite the five callings against the Dark Hand, an evil organization slowly taking over the world. The Third Son shall bear the secret fire from of old, leading to the war of light and breaking the power of the Dark Hand forever.
For most these stories are just legends and myths. An attempt to demonize the Foundation made by the resistance. But not for Samuel Hughes. He is the last of the line of prophets, and leader of the resistance against the Dark Hand and it's front organization, the Foundation. They wait for the prophecies to come to pass, bringing an end to the terrible oppression of the Dark Hand.
For James Dennon, Elizabeth Burnett, and Ethan Forestal however, things are not so certain. Each of their lives will be changed as the veil between the two worlds is pulled back and they discover just how real the prophecies truly are. And if they are to survive, they must dare to believe, as they are drawn into a battle as old as time itself.

http://www.amazon.com/Rise-Third-Servants-Fire-ebook/dp/B008VZV26M/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1344727399&sr=1-1&keywords=rise of the third son