Sons of Dragons - Book 1: The Road of Kyle more details? There is a preview link in the URL listed above. Back cover blurb is:

"Welcome to the Home Guard.

Kyle Evans signed up because the uniform looked sharp, the pay was
good, and he only had to serve two weekends a month.

Then the war broke out.

The Home Guards were supposed to remain on their native planet and
protect the local population against invasion. Instead, Evans and his
cohorts are loaded into troop ships destined for policing an occupied

Their dropships deploy to the wrong location.

Now Evans and his fellow troopers try to survive on a rogue planet
where death claws for them at every turn. Surviving to see home again
is a distant dream in their current nightmare.

Witness the birth of the Sons of Dragons!"

Either way let me know!

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It was a hard decision whether or not to distribute via Amazon etc. because the price mark up they demand is so high. I think that for future books I'm going to not distribute via Amazon and that will help knock the price down to a more affordable range.

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Spoke with the publisher and was able to figure out how to post a duplicate project at a lower price ( $10 USD less! ) so hopefully that will help people.

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That should help others but me personally, I'm broke. I have a $200 electric bill and only $100 funding. It will be awhile before I will be buying any books, movies or music. Best I can hope for is my local library to get it.