Fantasy Rupture (2016)


An Old Friend

A movie directed by Steven Shainberg
2016 - Color - 2.35 : 1

Renee Morgan is terrified of spiders. A single mom living in a quiet suburb with her twelve year old son, Renee doesn't know that her every move is being monitored by mysterious strangers. When her son goes off to spend time with his father, Renee is kidnapped and taken to a distant laboratory. Her captors tell her she carries the DNA of an ancient race of aliens. Confronting her greatest fears will cause Renee's cells to rupture and release her inner alien - provided she survives. Renee is subjected to agonizing tests, the worst involving spiders. Overcome by terror, Renee's cells erupt and she transforms into a monstrous alien. The strangers plan to colonize Earth with their resurrected alien species. They return Renee to her home in human form, where she now must decide whether to protect her son - or allow him to share his alien birthright.

I watched this film already. I found it interesting and kinda exciting. If you are looking for some Scifi with a touch of horror this might be worth a look. Makes you wonder what might be locked away in your DNA and what extreme measures it may take to activate it?