Sci-Fi Channel: Rip off!


I just registered for this forum for the purpose of registering my utter disgust with the Sci-fi Channel. Hope you don't mind my venting.

Anyway, last night the Mrs. tuned into it out of boredom and I joined in to watch a movie. I knew better, and it's my own fault for doing so. Almost a half hour before the first block of commercials. But of course, the further into the movie, the longer blocks of commercials start to interupt every five or ten minutes.

A common practice for cable movies, but Sci-fi seems to be the worst. Again, I knew better, and it's my own fault for wasting my time on a show that I didn't bother to finish watching. A stupid movie, BTW, so no loss there.

I rather like the Sci-fi genre, but have too much self respect to watch the Channel.


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Norbert, (y)

Everybody is welcome here, even those who want to vent. ;)

I know what you mean about the Sci-Fi Channel lately. For me the kicker was when they started airing WWE wrestling! Wrestling? On a "sci-fi" channel?! Huh?

I have the DVR set to record Sanctuary on Friday nights but really that is the only thing I'm watching on that channel lately. I catch Doctor Who on BBC America, even though it is a season behind, because the 'feel' of the episodes is better and every so often I'd swear that some parts of the episodes are trimmed down to make room for more commercials.

When Sci-Fi Channel first started it was fan's guilty pleasure to enjoy but it seems that NBC has, in recent years, decided to exploit the channel instead of leaving it as the small little niche channel that it used to be.


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(y) Welcome to Cool Sci-Fi, Norbert!

Welcome to the club as far as Sci-Fi Channel's concerned; I don't think I've watched it in a long while now..... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Back in June, I posted a thread on what Sci-Fi Channel should look's the link below:


Any ideas on what it should look like would be appreciated; maybe we could send NBC an e-mail concerning our ideas? It'd be worth a thought, at least.


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I almost never watch the Sci Fi channel, but it's New Year's eve, and there is a Twilight Zone marathon on tonight. I'm hyped up on Red Bull and hope to see the entire marathon. You are right, there are a hell of alot of commercials.


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SF channel sucks. The one group of people in the world who should be getting it right, and they regularly get scooped by ABC, TNT and TBS. Then they see what the real power of good TV SF is (BSG), and they refuse to change their practices of making ridiculous monster movies with C rate actors who arent permitted to rehearse. They should be ashamed of themselves.


They need to promote the people who do their Mini-series, they aren't always great but they are almost always watchable which is more than I can say for their movies.