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Sintel, the Durian Open Movie Project

In the past two-and-a-half months we worked on getting the film fully re-rendered in 4k, in a resolution of 4096×1744 pixels. When Pablo left back home to Patagonia mid December, Dolf took over his job for the final-final tweaks and solving some render errors. Yesterday he sent the last tweaks to the farm, and we might have today a working version!
Last week I watched with Dolf the full re-render in 1920 wide downscaled png playback, and the detail in the images is just amazing! It also pointed me to the fact our mp4 files here are quite heavily compressed… we should replace them with 800M versions or so.
In the next days (within a week) we aim at publishing the 1920 (“HD”) wide pngs online, so people can play around with compression setups. Please post links to movie files here (ogg, mp4) if you have good ones, then we update it on our mirrors too!
We will also output an original 4k version in 3×16 bits DPX format. That’s been sent on USB drive to our sponsors first, but I know they won’t mind us sharing it. Still would be awesome to have a couple of public screenings of the 4k version announced. Stay tuned!
I do know that on NAB Las Vegas Sintel (in 4k) will get prominently covered.
Have been keeping up with these short films for some time... the Blender Institute has come such a long way.

"Elephant's Dream," which was the first animated short made solely with open-source software (Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, etc.) and it was fairly impressive. The voice acting was terrible, though, and the characters looked visually very creepy and not very likeable. But it was an awesome showcase of the capability of the program.

Then there was "Big Buck Bunny," which was the second short made by the Blender team... the 3d improved and Big Buck Bunny was kind of cute. They also made a game of this, which I tried to download but could not get working very well.

"Sintel" looks like a culmination of a lot of work! It's interesting because they use these movies to push Blender farther and farther with its capabilities. It's probably one of the best open-source apps I've encountered... it's got a clunky interface but that is being remedied somewhat with the 2.5 release. (Plus interfaces for 3d apps are somewhat difficult by nature...)