So what do you consider to be a "bad" sci-fi series or movie?


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In recent years we've been pretty good in having some good sci-fi available to us on TV and at the movies (eg: Farscape, Babylon 5, etc.) but what about really bad sci-fi? You know, the stuff that you wouldn't watch even though you watch anything & everything sci-fi? :P

Let's hear your nominations! I'll take the first 10 answers people come up with to create a new poll.

My nominatin is Space Rangers that CBS aired in the early 90's. It only lasted a few episodes and had every stereotype in there with bad acting, bad special effects, and cheesy plots.

What's yours?
For the series I nominate LEXX

There are a lot of bad scifi movies. At there are quite a few with the skull. I don't agree with many of their assessments but a few are right on the money. The review pages are really entertaining and he gives pics, sounds and a video clip on each.

To name one:- Red Planet-I hate that one but I already stated my most reviled is of coarse BattleField Earth!
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Earth is home to the most advanced game shows in the universe.
Rednecks spend their days shoveling shidt, literally.
Having more than one middle name can be confusing.
Women always wear sexy lingerie under their clothes.
Elvis Presley was an alien.
There is broccoli in KFC's cole slaw???
The Three Stooges were masters of hand to hand combat.
Changing shape is a diuretic.
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I kind of liked Lexx in that weird, quirky way. :(

Red Planet was the Val Kilmer one, right? When that came out it was around the same time as the one with Gary Sinise in it (Mission To Mars I think was the name of it).

So for personal nominatins so far it's...
  • Space Rangers (TV)
  • Lexx (TV)
  • Battlefield Earth (movie)
  • Red Planet (movie)