Stump Tom Game.


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
Tom is the resident Sci-fi, and Science guru, bottom line. I thought of this game for folks to participate to try to stump Tom. The highest amount of stumps "wins" But I just best Tom will be the ultimate champ. Ex; Tom what was the short lived sci-fi show of the 70's that featured a space salvage truck and some zany characters? Tom would reply, Quark, then he will go into detail......Score Tom 1 Moi-0...... Give it a shot, hopefully Tom will join it, I bet he will....:D
Side note, try to be specific, Quark was a character on Deep space 9 also.....Have fun!:D
I don't get it?????
The game invites members to test your knowledge, simple sci-fi questions, if they don't stump you in a sci-fi question, they loose, if they stump you, they win a point, I thought it would be fun, ex; Tom what was the sci-fi series in the 60's with a time portal? Then you would answer the name, or say "I give up" then a point would be awarded to the winner. I figured it would be fun.:einstein::cool: Kind of like win Ben Steins money, but with only points awarded....
{reads thread so far.... :mirelly:)

Tom, this one is good! Sci-Fi Dude is trying to see if we can describe some off-beat sci-fi movie or show and let you guess what the movie/show/book/whatever is. :D

For example, if I said....

"Tom, can you name the old B&W movie where ants are mutated from nuclear tests into giant monsters that invade a New Mexico town?"
... and then your answer, without looking it up, would be?
Tom, 1950's film, a military gent is exposed to radiation and turns giant, name the film and his demise....
Glenn Manning {The Nth Man} (1957), He went swimming. Then his wife Joyce started nagging and he got the power.
English Sci-fi, A ufo is found under ground, in a towne, people are interested, the news is there, scientist try to figure out the aliens which are small with pointy horns on their heads. The film ends with a huge white alien, a t-crane hitting it, and people going absolutely mad. Ok Tom guess this one....:cool:
Lol, nope but good try.
Quartermass and the pit....
darn good film. I stumped tom, I get an icey cream cone!
Tom, guess the film made in the 50's where a crew of a ship discover a humanoid critter in the bog?;)
Let's try a more recent one....

Tom, can you name a sci-fi TV show starring Ted Shackleford from the 90's where he starred as a "space cop" on a different planet?