Title: Superhero
Author: Queenie, Nicole, sv4ever07
Disclaimer: I only own Whitney, Timothy, and Riley, everything else belongs to J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, and ABC.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Pairings: S/V, W/R
Summary: The end is here and being experienced by S/V's family.
Dedication: This one is for my friend Whitney who just lost her father, this incident gave me the inspiration to write this story.
Author's Note: Some of you know that my friend lost her father, that experience made me write this. My moods very much reflect in my writing. Thanks to Screech for the title and beta'ing and of course the hugs :hug: Please read/review!


The tears trickled down her cheeks as she watched the two caskets being lowered into the ground in sync, it was as if they were one.

Even in death they were together, even more so than they had been in life.

Riley's hand curved around hers, and even the embrace of her husband wouldn't help, the embrace that cured everything could not cure this, could never cure this pain that she felt deep in her heart.

She turned away, not being able to handle watching this happen.

"Whitney," Riley murmured, turning her back around and softly caressing her cheek, "I know you don't want to watch this, but you have to, you need the closure."

"They'll never be dead to me," she sighed, "They'll always be here, in my heart."

"You know you're not alone," he told her, "Everyone is here for you - just ask someone."

"I need Tim," she cried, "They're his parents too - he should be here, why isn't he here?"

"Whit, everyone tried to get a hold of him, your grandfather even went to track him down," Riley explained, "No one could find him, but you know if they could have he would have been here for you."

The caskets hit the ground and red and white roses were thrown on top, the same as had been at their wedding, now their funeral.

The dirt was scraped in on top, and Whitney closed her eyes, thinking of the good times they had had together as a family.


"Whitney! Timothy!" their mother called up the stairs, "Get down here now if you want to go to the fair."

Two pairs of footsteps echoed in the hallway as they ran down the stairs, Whitney's blonde hair pulled back in pigtails and her brown eyes glittering, while Timothy's brown hair looked as if he hadn't brushed it in days, and his green eyes showed an excitement that was usually only shown for hockey.

And yet no matter how different they looked, they were still twins, and their parents’ perfect twins at that.

"We're all ready mommy," Whitney beamed.

"Good because your father is waiting out in the car," she sighed, "He has been for 5 minutes. So come on, let's get a move on."

She grabbed a hand of each of their and together they skipped out the door.

*End Flashback*

Everyone walked by and placed the roses on top of the dirt as well, and began to retreat to their cars.

Riley began to pull her away, but she just stood there for a minute, staring, simply staring at the dirt that now covered her parents’ bodies before she finally let Riley drag her away.


Two weeks later...the cemetery

Whitney strode up to her parents graves, looking at the newly placed headstones that had just recently been put up there.

She kneeled down and ran a hand over the writing on her father's, which was shaped into an angel statue.

Her fingers caressed the etched writing before she moved to her mother's and did the same thing.

Her body shook with sobs, but she knew she was getting the closure that she so desperately needed.

Done with what she came here to do, she stood up and brushed off her clothes, "I'll always love both of you with all my heart, you'll always be with me wherever I go."

She walked away, the words on the headstones pounding in her head: Michael Vaughn - loving father, husband, son, friend and guardian angel...the one next to it reflecting the same emotions: Sydney Bristow-Vaughn - loving mother, wife, friend, daughter and superhero.


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