"Test" Flight: a 3d animated Sci-fi short

This animation is actually a "test" of its own. We're working on developing a 3d animated fantasy sci-fi series and this video is a means to test what we can produce given our very limited resources. Though this video is pretty rough around the edges and I'm sure someone here could go to town about the errors that are within, but I'm quite pleased with the results given the 2 week production time from start to finish. We don't aim for visual perfection and quality/abundant animation takes precedence over sheer detail (unless until we happen to find our team grow in numbers, however unlikely).

I wanted at first to call this a pilot episode for the upcoming fantasy sci-fi series we're calling "Delura", but I did not feel that this video matched what we plan on conveying later on (in other words, its not an accurate teaser). In here, I hope to deviate from the popular belief that it takes millions of dollars to create a sci-fi space drama (especially one that doesn't hide behind biped/humanistic characters) :smiley: The series will be free to watch on youtube once we get the ball rolling if all goes smoothly.

Anyhow, watch it here! (runtime 3 minutes)


EDIT: link fixed


Creative Writer
So, about a week per minute for this first go. How fast can you carry on now you've learnt a load of little tricks?

I think with a good storyline, you don't need millions worth of effects to create something watcheable. It's only the masses that care more about that. You could gain a decent following if you create something funny and insightful. A good writer could be worth more to you to that ends then.
Actually when we get into the real deal our production time will slow down a bit mainly due to the fact that we will be controlling multiple characters and making slightly more elaborate environments.

With luck and patience though, we'll be aiming for ~5-10 minutes of content per month after we do the initial model building process; I expect that it'll take us a month to get a pool of props, characters and other stuff built up to set the stage for animating. It will all depend on whether we feel the quality suffices to convey what we want to or if it will need to be polished more. My partner, Taben is still learning 3d and comes from an entirely traditional background so he has a lot of catching up to do. If any readers are interested, I have a periodical Youtube Devloper's Diary which basically outlines our triumphs and frustrations in regards to learning 3d. We're by no means experts in the slightest :smiley:

Of course, talking about it and actually doing it are two different things, heh. In any case, wish us luck!


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ok, from the simple person like me, who dreams of doing what your doing, yet has lost all his brain cells through the loss of hair. LOL. this is quite an enjoyable short you created.

first the plot of it was good. i never would have seen it coming that he would have been going in circles nor the airlock opening.

second, the humor was perfectly placed. the innuendo to pop-ups was very good.

i see you took a lot of time and pride in doing this and i forsee that you guys can do wonders in the animation world with this. dont underestimate that you wont find others to help. with the right stuff ( no pun intended) you can get people to work with you from all over the world.

your on a roll here and it is good, great, fantasmigoriphical. yeah, not a real word but you get the jist.