Politics The Holocaust (WWII) - Could it have been prevented?


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The Holocaust. I doubt there's anyone that don't know what the holocaust is. But just in case I'll explain it briefly. The holocaust is the name used to describe the mass-murders of jews under world war II. An event that have forever tainted the history of human kind. Men, women and children were sentenced to death or if they were "lucky" they were sent to the labor camp(s) where they had to work until they died.


My question to you guys and the topic of which I want to discuss is whether or not you believe we could have prevented the holocaust from ever happening. Could we have stopped hitler and the nazis or was in inevitable. If we could have prevented it, how would we do it? Etc..

We can't turn back the clock and undo what's done but at least we can learn from it.


Personally I believe that even though we might have succeeded in stopping Hitler himself far earlier, I very much doubt we could have prevented the holocaust from happening. Hitler might have been the face and one of the stronger pulls of the nazi party but he certainly wasn't the only one. If not Hitler, it would've been somebody else filling that role.

It's a terrible tragedy, what happened, and that the world let it go on for so long before managing to stop it. But as much as I hate to say it, some weren't perfectly innocent. You have to remember that at the time of the depression in Germany, even before it became "Nazi Germany" the Jews had leading roles in banks, stores etc.. It wasn't hard for Hitler and the Nazis to turn them into scapegoats when they leached on the general population. Granting people loans so they could buy food for their family, knowing that there was no way they could pay these incredible rates and therefore their houses would be forfeit to the bank.

A lot of these Jews didn't care whether or not they were going to put a family out on the street. All they cared about was their money. Therefore when the Nazis started spreading their propaganda, people already had a strong dislike towards the Jews for what they had done.

That being said, I don't in any way condone the mass murder of millions of Jews.

I'm simply saying that if the Jews (some of them) hadn't treated the general population the way they did, the Nazis would never have managed to turn the entire people against this particular group of individuals like they did. There was already a general distrust and dislike towards the Jews even before the Nazis started spreading propaganda. Even so however. The holocaust wasn't common knowledge among the people.

It's also important to note that the plan was never to kill the Jews when they started out. Mass deportation was the solution they had in mind when the war broke out. It wasn't until 1942 that they started killing them. Also it wasn't Hitler's idea although he did approve later on.


So what do you guys think?
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There would of likely been another Hitler, eventually. We wish one act wouldn't of happened without realizing, that it does and will continue to happen.