Romance The Notebook (2004)

OMG, I watched this movie last night and it has now officially the saddest movie i've ever seen! It beats Steel Magnolias by only a little bit, but I loved it!! It was so romantic.
[quote name='Vaughn's Baby Girl' date='Jul 11 2005, 11:03 PM']I know! i'm estatic that they're dating  :D

i know! they're so cute and they were born in the same hospital in London Ontario! talk about a coincidence
[quote name='Vaughn's Baby Girl' date='Jul 11 2005, 09:03 PM']I know! i'm estatic that they're dating  :D
OMG, are they dating in real life *faints* :reallyexcited: . Thats brill
I only watched this movie yesterday with my best mate, but I loved it, I have to have it on DVD, and oh my god I can't believe they're dating in real life! :o :D
I think it is my all time favourite movie!!!
I Think they Are sooooooo adorable.
I love Rachel and Ryan is soooooooo cute!!!

OMG im so glad that there dating. thats so sweet. i always hoped thay would.
I always have to watch this movie by my self otherwise i get embarassed cause i cry so much!!!

If you havent seen this movie..... shame on you.
:mellow: They're dating? Gah. I'm really not into that kind of thing. Well, if they want to, good for them. It doesn't change my view of the movie... It's perfect as it is.
OMG I love this movie. I just saw it for the first time the other day and it's so beautiful. I watched this video clip on YouTube the other day about it to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse and it made me cry :( And how this movie won the Best Kiss award!! Ryan and Rachel re-enacting their kiss!! it was sooo funny.
I watched this film earlier this year. I thought the acting was amazing. I was never a big fan of Rachel McAdams but seeing her in this movie changed my perspective on her completely. I thought Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams portrayed their characters' relationship very well throughout the film; I can't speak on behalf of the audience but I certainly could relate to what Noah and Allie were going through. In my opinion, the storyline and script very well written; it's obvious that the writing crew really put a lot of thought into this production. This is one of the movies I wouldn't mind watching again. :)