This is goodbye


Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
um my fanfic readers know this I was planning to leave right after I saw the finale that was on Tuesday.I backed out I decided I was going to stay but I've decided to leave.I use to come here all the time I use to love coming here all the time I've been on this forum for a year and 5 months approximately and I've met the best people,read alot of great stories by some amazing authors.its not cause I've lost interest in Alias no I will watch it when it comes on next year.

I'd like to thank everyone who I have met its been a great pleasure.and thankyou to Charlie for making such a great site and the rest of the mod team you are all'll all still see me around I'll be on my own the reasons I'm leaving is cause I need to sort out my life I need to see where I'm going see what the world can offer me.

so bon voyage everyone I hope you have a wonderful year goodbye


Feb 28, 2003
Awww Lili! :depressed: It's always sad to see a member leave. I hope you sort out whatever it is you need to, and that, in the future, you will log onto AA every once in a while just to see whats up with all of us. We'll miss you!


Jan 27, 2003
AAWW Lili ... this is sad ... :(

even though I haven't talked to you as much ... as some on here ... hope everything works out for the better ... and I am sure there are great things for you in your life coming up ... ;)

I will miss you ... :(


in love
Mar 5, 2003
Lili :( I understand why you want to leave, but you could also just come less. Anyway I hope your website will go well, you will too, and have a wonderful life, you deserve it.
We didn't talk lately, but I was glad to meet you. :)
I hope to see you sometimes.
See you
xoxo ^_^
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