This Week (Mar. 23 - 30) Smallville

New this week: Chuck, Heroes, Medium, Reaper, Life on Mars (next-to-last episode!), Smallville dvds , Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Legend of the Seeker.
Lots of alternate realities this week. I'm really looking forward to Supernatural, with Sam and Dean finding themselves cube jockeys who don't know each other or their past lives. We could use some fun after last week's painfully awesome episode – watching Sam drink demon blood, Dean picking up his Hell-acquired torturing skills, finding out the angels themselves are divided, and worst of all learning that Dean's corruption in Hell was itself the first seal that opened the trail to Armageddon. A few years ago it seemed pretty cool to be Dean Winchester, but I wouldn't want to be him now.

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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Drama
Creator: Miles Millar, Alfred Gough
First aired: 2001-10-16
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