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An Old Friend
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This sounds promising. Brent Spiner will star in a new CBS science fiction show about scientists who make contact with aliens. It's called Threshold and is produced by ex-Star Trek veteran Brannon Braga. I have always liked Spiner, so I would expect he'll give a good showing, as long as the script writing is any good. He was a treat in his guest appearance in this season's Enterprise. Speaking of which, Jolene Blalock was recently interviewed about the demise of that show and she was quoted as calling the last episode of the show "apalling." I'm not quite sure if she was commenting on the quality of the script or the fact that the show is ending.


An Old Friend
Can sci-fi fans face the future?

From mailing bras to starting malicious Internet rumours, devoted viewers try all sorts of things to protect what they love.
Your favourite characters
We asked you to assemble a dream team from your favourite characters out of the Star Trek shows. With 1,247 respondents, here are the results so far, with leading contenders in bold and listed in series chronological order. (To take the poll, click here.)

James T. Kirk 18%
Jean Luc Picard 57%
Benjamin Sisko 13%
Katherine Janeway 6%
Jonathan Archer 6%


Spock 60%
William Riker 14%
Chakotay 5%
Kira Nerys 15%
T'Pol 8%

Montgomery Scott 41%
Geordi La Forge 30%
Miles O'Brien 10%
B'Elanna Torres 8%
Charles "Trip" Tucker 11%


Uhura 13%
Worf 58%
Odo 18%
Harry Kim 5%
Hoshi Sato 7%

Leonard McCoy 33%
Beverly Crusher 12%
Julian Bashir 15%
The Doctor (Voyager) 32%
Dr. Phlox 7%

Sulu 9%
Data 58%
Jadzia Dax 13%
Seven of Nine 19%
Malcolm Reed 2%