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The rumor is that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have found the right actor to play Tintin in their trilogy of the same name.

17-year-old British actor Thomas Sangster (Love, Actually; Nanny McPhee) has reportedly been cast, though DreamWorks has declined to verify the claim reported by London's Daily Mail (and brought to us by THR).

The trilogy (with a film directed by Spielberg, one by Jackson, and a third possibly by another director) will be performance-capture, and follow the exploits of a young Belgian reporter created by author and artist Georges Remi. Andy Serkis has been cast as Tintin's pal Captain Haddock.

(Via David Morgan @ Filmwad)
Tintin as in the boy & his dog Tintin?

I could see Spielberg involved in something like that as pet project since he tends to purposely do non-genre films every few years but I'm surprised at Peter Jackson. After the enormous success & exposure from his LOTR films you'd expect him to be doing another high-profile film rather than going back to this pre-LOTR days with material like Tintin.