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Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Steve Coogan, Jay Bar...
Think of all the ways you can hurt yourself laughing, as in fall down, split your sides, bust a gut, blow your mind. You get it all in Tropic Thunder, a knockout of a comedy that keeps you laughing constantly. It's also killer smart, lacing combustible action with explosive gags. Major props to Ben Stiller, the director, co-producer, co-writer and co-star, who shows us Hollywood at war with its own ginormous ego during the making of a megabudget Vietnam War movie with an uproariously inept cast and crew. Stiller took flak for the other three movies he's directed: 1994's Reality Bites was allegedly too soft, 1996's The Cable Guy too dark, 2001's Zoolander too airy-fairy. Confession: I liked them all. And I'm nuts about Tropic Thunder, with its dynamite script by Stiller, Justin Theroux and...
Rating: 3 Stars

(Via Rolling Stone)
I hate to admit it but... this looks like it'll be a funny movie. I doubt the wife would find the humor in it so it'll be a DVD rental for me.
Ok, i saw this movie tonight, and it has a stupid storyline, but is one of the funniest movies ive seen this summer. If you've seen it, post what you thought, if not, go see that sh*t and then post
Haha i might bootleg it to but i did hear it was funny but i enjoy watchin the movie more in the theaters so idk how is it~
Since it sounds like it sucks, I'm not gonna waste my time with it, but I might watch a bootleg of it. Pineapplexpress though I don't think I'll like either, I thought Superbad was kinda retarded too so I don't know.
I thought ths movie was ok, about what I expected overall gets about a 5/10, I didn't feel ripped off paying for it but wouldn't bother seeing it again..... The thing I didn't expect was the absolutely fantastic performance from Robert Downey Jnr..... He so made this movie.

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