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TV Guide's Matt Answers Alias Questions

Discussion in 'Alias' started by kiki81ny, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. kiki81ny

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    Dec 9, 2002
    New York
    From TV Guide are these Q and A's from TV Guide TV critic Matt, a huge Alias fan:

    Question: I know that, like me, you're a big fan of Alias . I'm curious to know whether you agree that since the Super Bowl Sunday reshuffling of the show's plotline, the writing has suffered. In particular, I'm very concerned about the abandonment of the "spy family" angle. Jack and Irina Bristow are the most compelling characters on the show, and neither has made much more than a token appearance in recent episodes. Has this angle been dropped? Say it isn't so, Matt. — Pam W.

    Matt: I think the writing and plotting are still top-notch here — although I understand the opposite view, that by losing the subterfuge of the SD-6 world the show has lost a whole level of intrigue. I am still rocked by the audaciousness of the series reinventing itself midstream. But as for the characters played by Victor Garber and Lena Olin , I imagine they'll have plenty to do before the season is out. For now, though, there's so much fallout from the revolutionary changes of the post-Super Bowl episode that I imagine those take top priority over servicing all of the other characters in Sydney's life. Be patient.

    Question: I've just heard that Alias has been picked up for the 2003-04 season! I'm thrilled that ABC has finally done something right with this show. The network has made mistakes in the past by dumping shows like Once and Again and My So-Called Life . ABC has recently caused problems for the show by not airing it immediately after the Super Bowl and also by airing it opposite the Grammys. They finally redeemed themselves by renewing this wonderfully creative and imaginative drama for another year. Although it could use a new time slot, do you agree that ABC finally made the right move and gave Alias the respect it truly deserves by renewing it? — Maggie

    Matt: As someone who, despite all signs to the contrary, never lost hope that ABC would renew Alias for a third season, I am frankly relieved that it is now official. The network only has itself to blame for the poor treatment and scheduling this show receives, and I do believe that these executives (much as we critics beat up on them) hold the show in such high regard that punishing its performance with cancelation was unthinkable. The media buzz on the show and its star is still quite powerful, and what other ABC show can you say that about (except whatever disposable reality trash is in the headlines this week). I wish ABC could find a more hospitable time period for Alias, but I'm just glad it survived the sophomore curse.

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